RAM 1500 Overland Profile

The Ram’s history traces back almost a century. It started off as just a display ornament on Dodge vehicles in 1933 and gradually became a diesel hauler under Chrysler’s roof. Then it officially became a whole new redesigned series of its own in the 80s roof to now a separate brand – the name “Ram” 1500 has a story too long to be explained. 

Though Dodge and Ram were spilt as stand-alone brands in 2010, they are still manufactured the same way as before. Meaning it was just a marketing standpoint as “Dodge” was to be focused more on high-capability sport vehicles and “Ram” on trucks. So for now, you can get a Dodge Ram 2009 but only a Ram 2010.


ModelYearsEngineBHPTorque (lb-ft)MPG (city/hwy)
ST19943.9 Liter V6175 @ 4800 RPM230 @ 3200 RPM15 / 19
SLT/TRX4 Off Road20064.7 Liter V8235 @ 4600 RPM300 @ 3500 RPM14 / 18
Outdoorsman20114.7 Liter V8310 @ 5650 RPM300 @ 3500 RPM13 / 28
Laramie Longhorn20125.7 Liter V8390 @ 5600 RPM407 @ 4000 RPM13 / 19
SLT20143.0 Liter EcoDiesel V6305 @ 6350 RPM269 @ 4800 RPM16 / 23
Rebel20185.7 Liter HEMI V8395 @ 5600 RPM410 @ 3950 RPM15 / 22
Classic Tradesman20195.7 Liter HEMI V8395 @ 5600 RPM410 @ 3950 RPM17 / 23
Limited20203.6 Liter V6305 @ 6400 RPM269 @ 4800 RPM20 / 25
TRX20216.2 Liter HEMI
Supercharged V8
702 @ 6100 RPM650 @ 4800 RPM10 / 14



Purchasing Cost

For decades, Ram’s sticker price has always been affordable but recent years have seen a boost in the prices. In 2021, you can expect to find Ram 1500 trucks in the range of $15000 – $60000 or even a whopping $90000 for a 2021 Ram 1500 TRX Launch edition which boasts an FCA Supercharged Hellcat V8 engine.

For such a price, that truck is one hell of an intense off-road brute. But you don’t always have to pay more to enjoy or get more. You can buy a well-maintained Ram 1500 and built it into a beast slowly.

Identifying the demand for the Ram truck niche, many dealers are importing them in bulk. So if you do a little bit of research you’ll be able to find a dealership in your locality or country.

Maintenance Costs

The Ram 1500 has been constantly implemented with various technologies to bolster its fuel efficiency with improved active aerodynamics, air suspension, and thermal management. And it has paid off well so far.

Fuel economy is one thing that even the biggest names weren’t able to impress buyers with, but the Ram 1500 has a pretty good gas mileage for its size with an average of 19-24 MPG. Of course, it varies according to your pick of engine option. The eTorque has the highest mileage of 20 city/25 hwy.

This doesn’t just help save around $350 per year, it also enables one to experience the journey rather than plan frequent detours to the gas station.



The reliability of a truck that has been in the competition for almost 40 years is not questionable at all. Though all the Ram trucks (including 2500, 3500, etc.) have gained the trust of owners, there are some model years to stay clear of.

Model years 1999-2003 received lots of complaints regarding bumpy transmission issues with the Dodge 45RFE auto transmission.

Another year that has received confusing remarks is 2014, which had the most complaints and won the Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year Award. In 2013 and 2014, it was a back-to-back win for the Ram 1500. So it all comes down to the preferences of each individual.




There is no shortage of parts suppliers and dealers for Ram parts. Being one of the most popular trucks in North America comes with the advanage of an abundance of affordable parts.

Aftermarket Upgrades

All Ram trucks have a fantastic aftermarket supply and the Ram 1500 being the most popular of the bunch, gets the biggest chunk of it. There are lots of companies and manufacturers available for you to add high-tech upgrades and modifications to your Ram 1500.



The Ram 1500 trucks display very clever storage solutions. It has a storage space at almost every nook of the vehicle adding up to a total of 151.1 liters of interior storage volume (2021).

RAM 1500 SLT/TRX4 Off Road (2006)

Overall Length227.7″
Overall Width79.5″
Unladen Height75.3″
Unladen Weight5216 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight6700 lbs

RAM 1500 Outdoorsman (2011)

Overall Length290″
Overall Width79.4″
Unladen Height74.7″
Unladen Weight5248 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight6700 lbs

RAM 1500 Rebel (2018)

Overall Length237.9″
Overall Width79.4″
Unladen Height77.4″
Unladen Weight5399 – 5460 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight6800 lbs

RAM 1500 Classic Tradesman (2019)

Overall Length237.9″
Overall Width79.4″
Unladen Height77.4″
Unladen Weight4520 – 5398 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight6025 – 6800 lbs

RAM 1500 TRX (2021)

Overall Length232.9″
Overall Width88″
Unladen Height80.9″
Unladen Weight6396 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight7800 lbs

One optional storage feature every overlander must-have is the RamBox Cargo Management System. It’s simply a lockable box in the exterior of the vehicle which provides an ample amount of space to store immediate-reach items.



The Ram 1500 has always kept itself updated to cater its customers with the utmost comfort. The Ram 1500 was also the first-ever North American pickup to offer keyless ignition technology in the year 2013.

At the same time, Dodge still refuses to admit certain issues like the 2019 and 2020 models having recurring A.C. malfunctions.

Other than that, it does provide sub-par comfort with its latest additions like the Uconnect 8.4 infotainment system, voice command, heated leather-trimmed seats, and hands-free calling.

These are just the standard ones. Some feel like the top-tier trims levels have tech features that are close to competing with Tesla even.



Dodge Ram takes safety very seriously and it clearly shows in the test results. The Ram 1500 has had a usual of 4/5 or 5/5 star ratings with most crash tests of the NHTSA but it is poor in road illumination.

More recently, the 2019 and 2020 Ram 1500 crew cabs have been named as the Top Safety Pick by IIHS – which is one of the highest honors. This is a very uncommon double feat the Ram 1500 has managed to achieve.

Advanced safety features include blind spot monitoring, surround-view zoom-able parking camera system, head-up display, dual front side-mounted airbags, emergency braking assist, and several more.



One big bonus the Ram 1500 offers is the coil spring suspension instead of leaf spring suspensions like what most big rivals offer.

The truck that has been built on a ladder frame chassis also has a rear differential for more powerful off-road conquests. When it comes to overall off-road performance, I feel like the Ford 150 still has the bragging rights.

Nevertheless, the Ram 1500 is one undefeated truck on the backroads just as it has been for many years.

BasisSLT/TRX4OutdoorsmanRebelClassic TradesmanTRX
Break-over Angle (°)2316.621.419.921.9
Approach Angle (°)3020.521.718.930.2
Departure Angle (°)2825.425.82523.5
Min. Ground Clearance (inch)

RAM 1500 Overland Build Example


  • Roof Rack: Thule AeroBlade Edge Raised Rail Roof Rack System
  • Tent: iKamper X-Cover Rooftop Tent
  • Fridge: Dometic CFX-35US Portable Electric Cooler Refrigerator
  • Compressor: Superflow MV-50 Air Compressor
  • Water storage: Front Runner 17.7 Gal Water Tank


  • Tires: Nitto Ridge Grappler All-Terrain Tires R17LT
  • Wheels: Fuel 17-inch Wheels
  • Suspension: Ram 1500 Zone Suspension 6 Suspension System
  • Differential Rear: Detroit True Trac LSD


  • Front Bumper: ADD front bumper
  • Rear Bumper: Fab Fours Black Steel Elite Smooth Rear Bumper
  • Rock Slider: RAM ADD (Addictive Desert Designs) Lite Side Steps



  • Light Bar: Black Oak LED Pro Series 2.0 dual-row light bar
  • Rock Lights: Aurora Multipurpose 4-piece LED Rock Light Kit
  • Reverse Lights: Delta Power Pipes LED Backup Lights
  • Camp Lights: Raycharm 13″ 6000K Natrual White
  • Interior Lights: CZC AUTO LED Interior Light Bar


  • Power: Goal Zero Yeti 150 Generator
  • Solar: Goal Zero – Boulder 100 Solar Panel Briefcase
  • Battery: ACDelco 48 AGM Off-Road Battery


Throughout the years the (Dodge) Ram has proven itself to be one beast of a truck and it has been a consistent top player in the overland world. Regardless of your pick, you’ll get a very bold, rugged rig with well-sculpted interior and exterior lines, perfect for building your dream overland vehicle.

The Ram 1500 has been one of the favorites at the forefront of nature for quite a while. Let’s see if this unstoppable machine becomes your favorite too!

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