Toyota Tundra Overland Profile

Toyota Tundra has a history of two decades, the Japanese company Toyota started the production of Tundra in the United States around 1999. Tundra is the second full-size pick-up truck built by Toyota after Toyota T-100. In North America Tundra was the first Japanese full-size pick-up truck.

Tundra was nominated for the North American Truck of the year and awarded Motor Trend Magazine’s truck of the year in 2000 and 2008.

Initially, Tundra was built in the Toyota plant located in Princeton, Indiana, later the production was transferred to the Saint Antonio plant of Toyota in Texas, which is the producer of Tundra till today. 


Toyota Tundra has seven generations in the models, the table below presents the timeline and information about all the models.

ModelYearsEngineBHPTorque (lb-ft)MPG (city/hwy)
Access Cab1999-20033.4L V6 5MT193 @ 4800 RPM220 @ 3600 RPM15 / 18
4.7L V8 4AT248 @ 4800 RPM315 @ 3400 RPM14 / 17
Crewmax2006-20134.7L V8 5AT AWD275 @ 5400 RPM313 @ 3400 RPM15 / 18
5.7L V8 5AT AWD386 @ 5600 RPM401 @ 3600 RPM16 / 20
Regular Cab2006-20134.0L V6 5AT AWD239 @ 5200 RPM266 @ 4000 RPM17 / 22
4.7L V8 5AT AWD275 @ 5400 RPM313 @ 3400 RPM16 / 18
Double Cab2006-20134.0L V6 5AT239 @ 5200 RPM266 @ 4000 RPM17 / 20
4.7L V8 5AT275 @ 5400 RPM313 @ 3400 RPM15 / 18
5.7L V8 5AT386 @ 5600 RPM401 @ 3600 RPM17 / 20
Crew Cab2013-Present4.6L V8 4×2 6AT314 @ 5600 RPM327 @ 3400 RPM15 / 19
4.6L V8 6AT AWD314 @ 5600 RPM327 @ 3400 RPM14 / 18
5.7L V8 4×2 6AT381 @ 5600 RPM401 @ 3600 RPM13 / 18
5.7L V8 6AT AWD381 @ 5600 RPM401 @ 3600 RPM13 / 17
Regular Cab2013-Present4.0 V6 5AT270 @ 5600 RPM278 @ 4400 RPM16 / 20
4.6 V8 6AT 4×2310 @ 5600 RPM327 @ 3400 RPM15 / 19
5.7 V8 6AT 4×2381 @ 5600 RPM401 @ 3600 RPM13 / 18
5.7 V8 6AT 4×4381 @ 5600 RPM401 @ 3600 RPM13 / 17



Purchasing Cost

In 2021 a Tundra can cost between 37,000-62,000 USD which is an above average sticker price. There is not a wide range of affordable used Tundras on the market. A used Tundra at the cheaper end would still cost you upwards of $30,000. However, this would be a higher spec for the $37,000 new model.

Maintenance Cost

Toyota Tundra has been constantly implemented with new technologies like TRD pro, unique trims, impressive multimedia system, active aerodynamics, thermal management.

And it is paid off well so far. Tundra in comparison to its competitors is not much fuel-efficient, 15 miles per gallon is a combined estimation for the Tundra.

5 years ownership cost of Tundra can go higher than its sticker price, research also shows that 5 years combined cost of taxes, insurance, maintenance, repairs, financing, depreciation, and fuel can go up to 53000 USD for Tundra in the USA.



The reliability of a truck that has competed for more than 20 years is not questionable at all. Despite the freshening that brought improved controls and updates to the interior and exterior, the Tundra is still outdated in comparison with its newer competitors.

It offers both two-door regular cab and crew cabs with power 5.7-liter V8 shifts through a responsive and very smooth six-speed automatic transmission. Handling is secure with a little jittery ride in TRD off-road package. Towing performance is extremely capable.




As with most Toyotas’, part availability shouldn’t be an issue for the Tundra. As mentioned above the Tundra is available almost globally, with this comes a large network of parts supplier, so, should you find the need to replace items on your Tundra it would not be difficult to find the parts.

Aftermarket Upgrades

Toyota Tundra has a wide range of aftermarket supplies, Tundra can be upgraded in several possible ways, and there is a mod out there for everything from increasing performance to maintaining.

Many modifications can help whether the Tundra is a work-horse or a daily driver or an off-roading monster.



Toyota Tundra has some storage solutions, tough bins, trays, and containers are everywhere, the cushions in the back seat flip up to help create some cargo space.

Testing revealed that the crew cab can hold 21 carry-on suitcases with its rear seat folded. The glove compartment has lacks useful space.

The latest Tundra provides a payload of 1660 with 6 seats and 38 gallons of the fuel tank. The table below shows the dimensions of every model.

Tundra Access Cab (2003)

Overall Length217.5”
Overall Width75.2”
Unladen Height70.7”
Unladen Weight4088 – 4644 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight5700 – 6200 lbs

Tundra Crewmax (2006)

Overall Length228.7”
Overall Width79.9”
Unladen Height75.8”
Unladen Weight4765 – 5020 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight6600 lbs

Tundra Regular Cab (2010)

Overall Length218.3”
Overall Width75.2”
Unladen Height70.7”
Unladen Weight4950 – 5660 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight6400 – 7200 lbs

Tundra Double Cab (2013)

Overall Length228.7”
Overall Width79.9”
Unladen Height76”
Unladen Weight4950 – 5660 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight6400 – 7200 lbs

Tundra Crew Cab (2016)

Overall Length228.9”
Overall Width79.9”
Unladen Height76.2”
Unladen Weight5260 – 5690 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight6800 – 7200 lbs

Tundra Double Cab (2019)

Overall Length228.9”
Overall Width79.9”
Unladen Height76”
Unladen Weight5100 – 5600 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight6700 – 7200 lbs

Tundra Regular Cab (2021)

Overall Length228.9”
Overall Width79.9”
Unladen Height75.8”
Unladen Weight5680 lbs
Gross Vehicle Weight7200 lbs



Tundra’s front seats are big broad and comfortable, a person can sit for hours comfortably. It is quite a climb up from front doors, though the test truck’s step bars are a solution for that which will make entry and exit more comfortable.

TRD Pro Comes with heated leather seats.

On Crew Cab, the rear doors are massive and required a slam to close properly. The rear seat is a little mounted which people will prefer, there is a pretty good foot room.

The rear air conditioning vent is small though not very powerful, the test truck also lacked the rear USB ports and power outlets.



Tundra has 4/5 crash-test ratings from both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS).

Toyota Tundra is the first full-size pick-up truck to achieve IIHS’s Top Safety Pick Award.  Every model has its key safety features which include Standard Automatic Emergency Braking, Standard Adaptive Cruise Control, and Standard Lane-departure Warning.

Airbag safety features include dual front airbags, front row side torso airbags, and revolver sensing side curtain airbags.



In 2019 Tundra has introduced the TRD Off-road package which is an optional package. The off-road-ready options including the lifted TRD Pro Model are the bright spots of Tundra.

Tundras are capable off-road but there are better otions out there if you plan on spending a cinsiderable amount of time beyond the standard trail.

The three models Tundra SR5 double cab 4×4, 1794 edition, and TRD pro are ideal for the off-road journeys.

BasisCrewmax (2006)Double Cab (2013)Regular Cab (2021)
Break-over Angle (°)18.622.914.5
Approach Angle (°)352826
Departure Angle (°)212517
Min. Ground Clearance (inch)11.910.210.6

Toyota Tundra Overland Build Example



  • Tires: Michelin Defender LTX M/S
  • Wheels: Ballistic Jester
  • Suspension: Toyota Tundra Vated 3″ Adjustable Coilovers w/ Bilstein 5100’s 2007-2021


  • Front Bumper: Westin HDX Front Bumper
  • Rear Bumper: DV8 Offroad Rear Bumper (Black) – RBTT2-02
  • Rock Slider: RCI Tundra Rock Sliders


  • Recovery Boards: MaxTrax recovery boards
  • Winch: Smittybilt xrc10
  • Jack: Smittybilt Trail Jack
  • Shovel: Hi-Lift Handle-All 500 Shovell
  • Recovery Kit: Gear America – Recovery Kit
  • Tire Deflator: ARB Air Deflator Kit
  • Tire Repair: Smittybilt 2733 Tire Repair Kit


  • Light Bar: Nilight LED Light Bar 20Inch 126W
  • Rock Lights: SUNPIE Amber LED Rock Lights Kits with 6 pods Lights
  • Reverse Lights: XTR LP Reverse Light System
  • Camp Lights: Baja Designs S2 Sport LED
  • Interior Lights: DC 5500K Interior Ceiling Light Bar


  • Power: Bluetti 2,000W Solar Generator
  • Solar: Bluetti AC200P [Hex Kit] 6 x 100W Solar Panels
  • Battery: Genesis Offroad Universal Dual Battery Kit


Throughout the years the Toyota Tundra has proven itself to be a beast, especially in off-road activities, even though some competitors have better features. Regardless of your pick, you will get bold, comfortable, and a safe vehicle.

If you are an off-road adventurer, the Tundra can serve you well for most tasks. It’s certainly suitable for the average overlander.

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