5 Best Jumper Cables

Have you ever tried to start your car in the morning and it just won’t start? 

If you have experienced that, then you probably know how embarrassing it could be, especially if you’re getting late for work. Among several reasons that your car may be acting like that is a dead battery. 

In this context, dead does not mean that it is completely out of use; it means that your battery is low on charge. That can be due to leaving your doors open overnight, or interior lights to the point that they utilized all the remaining power in your battery pack. 

It could be worse if your battery goes flat on a trail. It is not a rare sighting of people who have stopped by the road waiting for a good samaritan to help them jump-start their car. 

What is the meaning of jump-starting a car? Jump-starting a vehicle boosts a vehicle whose battery is dead and doesn’t have the power to perform a start. In that regard, a temporary connection is established between the dead battery and a charged one from a donor vehicle; to get the dead car up and running. This quick connection is made possible by a pair of jumper cables. 

Jumper cables are cables that assist in jump-starting a car’s dead battery. Usually, jumper cables come in pairs and have alligator clips attached at both ends. These cables come in different sizes and forms, with varying qualities as well. Even though jumper cables may look almost alike, the tiny disparities in their construction bring about differences in their quality. 

This article will pick the top 5 best jumper cables on a rating based on their qualities and customer ratings. 

  1. CARTMAN Booster Cable
  2. Energizer Jumper Cables
  3. AmazonBasics Jumper Cable
  4. EPAuto Heavy-Duty Jumper Cable
  5. TOPDC Jumper Cable

CARTMAN Booster Cable

It can be argued that this is the safest pair of booster cables you can use to bring your dead battery back to life. This 4-Gauge pair is insulated on every inch that could expose you to the risk of electrocution or accidental contact of the alligator-clip heads. Moreover, the clips’ inside spots a patented design that establishes a double connection for the best and fastest charge-transfer between battery terminals. 

Some of us prefer cables long enough to establish a good connection, even in compromising situations. Well, Cartman Booster Cables are 20ft long. Also, they come in a fabric bag for portability and storage as well. 

Moreover, these cables are resistant to water, motor oil, and chemical fluids that may spill on them, leaving you less to worry about when you leave them in the trunk. 

From various testing experiments, it has been found that the Cartman Booster Cables can be used to jump-start all sizes of vehicles and are incredibly immune to low-temperature conditions.

Energizer Jumper Cables

Energizer is a trademark name when it comes to the automotive industry. When it comes to producing jumper cables, Energizer offers you one of the most reliable jumper cables for bringing your battery back to life. 

Like all other major producers of jump-start cables, Energizer has laid focus on your safety by highly insulating the lines and head-clips to keep you from electrocution and protect the batteries from the effects of short-circuiting. 

A pair of the Energizer Jumper Cables features 6-gauge 16ft long cables with vinyl-coated clamps that act as a shield against corrosion and rusting. The clamps are fitted with a strong spring to attach the head-clips to the battery’s terminals. 

These cables’ performance doesn’t seem to get affected by weather as they have been tested and proven to work under low-heat conditions. However, be careful not to use the cables in extremely high temperatures as it might ruin the vinyl coating and make using the pair of wires a risky endeavor. 

The Energizer Jumper Cables come in a high-quality free carrying case that helps protect the cables from corrosion from elements like chemicals. The carrier bag also plays a big part in transporting these cables. 

Energizer aims to earn trust from you and has issued a two-year warranty on every piece of this item you purchase.

AmazonBasics Jumper Cable

AmazonBasics provides you with a high-quality 10-gauge pair of jumper cables that stretch up to 12 feet. Moreover, the jumper cables are highly insulated at the wire and head-clips to ensure protection from electrocution. The alligator clips are fitted with tight springs to prevent any accidental slips from the connected battery terminals. 

The AmazonBasics Jumper Cables are constructed to be most suitable for smaller-sized vehicles, and the connection should mostly be a nose-to-nose one. Moreover, you are provided with a free carry-bag to ease transport and storage. 

Every part of this jumper cable is long-lasting, so you will not have to worry about it wearing out after a few times of using it. 

EPAuto Heavy-Duty Jumper Cable

The EPAuto Jumper Cable comes in three gauge variations; 16-gauge, 4-gauge, and 1-gauge. The corresponding lengths with the gauge values are 16ft, 20ft, and 25ft. You are at liberty to choose the variation you want, but they all have baseline operational similarities. 

These cables feature highly-insulated copper wires, with the insulation running to the alligator clips, which are copper-plated.

This pair of jumpers work for recharging a dead battery on motorcycles, cars, SUVs, and trucks. 

These cables also come with a free pair of gloves as well as a carry bag.

TOPDC Jumper Cable

TOPDC provides you with a jumper cable that is 4-gauge and 25-ft long to help you recharge your dead car battery. 

This cable’s conductor is copper-coated to enhance electrical conductivity and mitigate power losses that may occur along the cable. 

The wires are 25-ft long, giving you the freedom to perform a jump-start even in compromising positions. These 150-Amp heavy-duty jumper cables are fitted with strong clamps that ensure a tight connection with the battery terminals.

The TOPDC Jumper Cable has been tried and tested to work perfectly, even in adverse weather conditions. Nonetheless, it would be best not to use it in extremely high temperatures to prevent the vinyl coating from melting off. 

This pair of cables are made to be used to jump-start several kinds of automobiles, from motorcycles to trucks and SUVs. 

How To Jump-Start a Car

how to jump start the car

Now that you have your cables picked, it’s imperative to know how to use them properly. There are a few steps to ensuring your car gets running again safely.

Inspect the battery, making sure there is no damage or leaks.

Park the car with the good battery in line with the car with the flat battery, and turn off the vehicle.

Connect the red cables to the working battery’s positive terminal and then to the flat battery. Then connect the black cable to the negative terminal on the live battery and then an earthing point (a clean unpainted metal surface) on the flat car.

Be careful not to touch the cables together or not touch the positive to anything other than the live terminal.

Start the car with the good battery and run it for 2-3 minutes before starting the dead car.

Remove cables in reverse.

Final Thoughts

It is advised that every driver should possess a pair of jumper cables because things may turn ugly during a journey. However, since you never know whether someone will come to your rescue when you need a jump-start, it is also good if you carried an extra battery pack to either replace the dead one or use in transferring charges to it. 

Most importantly, learn how to perform a jump-start because an error in the connection may mess up a car battery or, in the most unlikely situations, blow up your car. 

I am not trying to scare you, but you need to be careful and exercise precaution. 

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