8 Best All-Terrain Tires 2022

Whether you don’t veer far from the pavement or are an off-road enthusiast, you’re going to want the most suitable tires to get the most from your vehicle.

You can have the best vehicle with the best gadgets, but you’re missing out without the best tires.

All-Terrain tires are undoubtedly the best choice you could make when choosing your tire due to their versatility and robust construction and the ability to travel on and off the pavement.

Off-road tires are deeply treaded to provide extra grip and traction on rough, wet, or relatively loose surfaces.

The most striking difference between off-road tires and regular tires lies in the treading pattern.

However, even when they differ from regular tires, off-road tires are suitable for both on and off-road purposes.

Below are some of the best All-Terrain tires:

BFGoodrich T/A KO2

According to many users, this is the best overall off-road tire model.

BFGoodrich tires are made resistant to cuts, punctures, and tears from the tread compound used in their construction.

Moreover, the tread compound is engineered to give the tread blocks high strength and, among other innovative features, such as stone ejecting characteristics, acceptable road-noise, and increased durability.

Looking at the BFGoodrich’s internal construction, you’ll realize that the tire’s inner components comprise a three-ply cord sidewall, twin steel belts, and the combination of spirally wound nylon and BFGoodrich’s TriGard.

All these features work towards enhancing the durability of the tire.

Moreover, this tire is enhanced to increase traction through its serrated and rigid shoulder design that maximizes its grip on the road.

You will feel very comfortable driving through sand and deep dirt as the tires offer the stability you need and don’t send vibrations up the steering wheel.

However, when the treads start to wear out, the tire loses traction, and it becomes risky to accelerate on a wet road.

The tires may also send vibrations to the steering wheel.

Michelin LTX A/T

For an exceptional on and off-road experience, the Michelin LTX will serve you with outstanding performance.

With the Advanced Michelin MaxTouch technology, Michelin gives you some of the best uniquely constructed and friction-resistant tires.

The internal construction of the Michelin LTX aims towards resisting possible puncture outcomes.

The general outer construction of the tire is what makes it worth a purchase.

The Michelin’s biting edge tread pattern gives this tire the maximum possible grip on the road as well as wet traction.

Moreover, the tire is made from a compound of light truck rubber that makes it relatively lightweight and less resistant to rolling.

This feature helps to reduce fuel consumption as well as improve efficiency.

However, the tire is soft and susceptible to puncturing.

The tire starts to become slippery on the road over time and finds snow challenging.

Hankook Dynapro AT-M

The Hankook Dynapro will instantly catch your eyes with its rugged off-road look. Its wraparound tread features independent tread blocks and asymmetric patterns.

It is constructed to assume a light-weight that reduces fuel intake by its negligible resistance to motion.

The Hankook internal structure is composed of hardened twin steel belts and spirally-wound nylon that increases its durability.

The outer surface strikes an aggressive tread pattern responsible for its increased durability, enhanced acceleration, and unparalleled traction and grip on the road.

The Hankook’s tread construction is of premium quality and gives the tire the ability to resist cuts and accidental punctures.

With stone-ejecting capabilities, the tire can prevent stones from sticking between the treads, thus increasing traction.

Under wintery conditions, the tire leaves nothing for you to worry about as it is 3PMSF-rated.

The 3PMSF symbol is termed as (Three-Peak Mountain Snow-Flake). This means that it is reliable in snowy conditions.

However, the tire is less efficient in wet and muddy conditions, so you have to be cautious of your speed.

Moreover, the tire is a little bit noisy on the road.

GoodYear Wrangler Radial A/T

The GoodYear is most reliable when dealing with a light truck.

With a uniquely-patterned tread, this tire will offer you maximum traction off and on the road.

The GoodYear Wrangler offers reliable contact with the road with the help of its large block-shaped treads.

The treads’ design and pattern allow for maximum water channeling and removal of stones that might find their way between the tread-lines.

Moreover, the tire is superbly knit together to give it a lightweight, as well as the best durability you can get from a such-a-kind car tire.

However, from the tire’s rough profile, you might encounter some noise from the pavement as the tread blocks aggressively hit the road’s surface.

Despite having the ability to let-go stones trapped in the tread lines, this tire happens to pick them more often.

Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus

The Pirelli Scorpion features notches around the shoulders that help in the expulsion of snow, slush, mud, water, or any other material that may have become stuck in the treads.

This characteristic helps in creating safe contact between your tire and the road.

On the downside, this tire sometimes wobbles, making the whole vehicle slightly unstable.

At some point, the tires may also hum while in motion and make them a little noisier than you expected.

Bridgestone Dueler Revo 3 A/T

The Bridgestone Dueler is an off-road tire that is efficiently used in SUVs or trucks of medium size.

The tire features an aggressive tread that helps in traction and stability.

The vigorous tread pattern is also essential in enhancing the dissipation of mud, water, and stones that, if not eradicated, may reduce traction and, later on, cause danger.

Moreover, the durability of the tire is unquestionable as it stands the test of time.

The tire is OEM, meaning that it is designed for specific kinds of vehicles. That characteristic helps you to be sure that it will provide optimum performance.

On the downside, the Bridgestone’s traction becomes noticeably low with time, as the treads wear out from exposure to off-road conditions.

General Grabber AT2

This tire serves on both on and off-road conditions seamlessly.

With its symmetric sport 5-rib tread pattern, you will experience reliable traction as well as smooth and responsive steering from this tire.

When cruising on dirt, sand, or rocks, the General Grabber maximizes its contact with the road and makes you comfortable and stable.

When it comes to wet traction, the sips in the General Grabber AT2’s tread blocks help to achieve competency in the wet grip.

This tire is perfectly efficient in winter traction and will help you cruise comfortably with its snowflake/mountain emblem feature.

It is rated as one of the best tires for snowy conditions.

With the ability to expel water and any solid matter that gets into the tread lines, the General Grabber keeps traction for over long distances.

However, General Grabber may bring up some noise during cruising due to its tread pattern.

Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S

With the ability to serve on both on and off-road conditions, the Cooper Discoverer is one of the best and versatile car tires in the market.

With its silica-component treads that spot a zigzag pattern, the AT3 ensures maximum traction on both wet and dry ground.

The tread-lines are widely spaced, easing the expulsion of water, dirt, mud, stones, or anything that may find its way into the treads.

On wet terrain, the Cooper Discoverer can be depended upon to provide extra grip and prevent your car from skids and slides.

In wintery/snowy conditions, the Cooper is aided by the zigzag tread-pattern to help maintain maximum grip and traction.

The silicon-compound used to form the treads helps to maintain a grip on a wet surface.

The tire is easy to handle and steer and can be comfortably controlled at high speeds.

Moreover, it is not noisy during motion and makes you experience a more relaxed and quiet cruise.


Those are some of the best off-road and all-terrain tires in the market.

However, you ought to be cautious about how you use them and run maintenance practices often for maximum performance of these tires.

For instance, you can rotate the tires after a milestone distance to ensure even tread wear, clean the sand and mud trapped in the tread-lines, and maintain the correct tire pressure at all times, among other practices.

By doing so, you will realize that All-Terrain tires are the most versatile tire to get the most from your vehicle.

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