Bestop vs Softopper: Which is Better?

When choosing the right truck topper to fit your needs, you can’t go wrong with a Bestop or Softopper topper. These two suppliers for truck toppers and other truck accessories dominate the game and for good reason, too. 

In this article we will tackle how these two toppers compare against each other in an attempt to settle, once and for all, which topper is the best?


Bestop truck toppers provide a smooth, polished appearance when mounted on top of the truck bed. The appearance of these toppers can vary slightly depending on the make and model of the car, the general design is a sleek black with a back window and detachable side windows.

Softopper, on the other hand, provides a universal look for all their toppers with a single window located in the back that can be clear, solid, or tinted.  In addition to that, the Softopper does come in a variety of colors, namely: Stealth Black, Desert Tan, and Battleship Gray.

Verdict: Softopper has to take this round. While it does sacrifice a bit by emitting side windows (more on that later), the chance to choose personalize your topper’s look with various design colors certainly prevails among consumers.

Installation and Removal

The truck toppers from Bestop can be installed pretty easily. For an additional price, you can also have Bestop install the topper for you in the comfort of your own home.

These toppers easily be mounted on top of truck beds so as not to disturb any items that may already be on the bed. They also come with a quick bow release for ease in removal.

Truck toppers from Softopper have a relative installation time of 40 minutes. Depending on your truck bed, these toppers can be mounted on the top of bed rails or along the sides of the bed walls to ensure a snug fit. Taking it down is a breeze as removal can be done in under a minute. 

Verdict: TIE. Both toppers have relatively easy installations that do not really need any special tools involved. Both also have big take backs. 

For Bestop, despite the quick bow release, the rigid structure of the topper can make it hard to put away. You also need to manually remove the windows and store them if you want to take the top down.

For Softopper, some users have remarked that the topper cannot be mounted on top of bed rails forcing them to mount it along the sides of the bed walls which sacrifices stability as well as a small amount of space that could have been better utilized.


Both toppers provide a snug fit but Bestop has a rigid fit that is tight and able to withstand drives even with the roughest terrains and great wind speeds without much noise or flapping. 

Softopper, on the other hand, boasts of a 99% fit for a wide variety truck makes and models that is able to withstand even a direct hit from a pressure washer.

Verdict: Bestop wins this round due to some consumer statements saying that Softopper has a greater tendency to flap or create noise whenever driving in highway speeds. It is important to note that this issue can easily be remedied by finding ways to tighten the fastenings of this topper.


Bestop truck toppers come with detachable side windows that allow for additional visibility when driving. It also allows you to get a view of your items without having to roll it up or go to the back.

The toppers from Softopper, though, do not have side windows forcing the driver to rely more on their side mirrors as opposed to its competitor. Despite this, this feature is great for those who are looking for more privacy and discretion.

Verdict: Bestop takes the win for this round as the presence of side windows adds great convenience when it comes to road and item visibility. However, this feature might not be for everyone.

Ability to Withstand Various Weather Conditions

In addition to the expected protection against water and other elements, Bestop truck toppers also comes with Black Diamond fabric that adds more resistance to UV and mildew to ensure that your items are even more protected from damage.

To compete with that, Softopper makes use of a canopy that is not only waterproof but also UV, rot, and mildew resistant making it a breeze to keep clean. Its sailcloth is also made to resistant all four seasons and can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Verdict: Softopper dominates in this field due to its 4-season sailcloth that can withstand even winter weather. Bestop toppers, on the other hand, have been observed to stiff and shrink during extremely cold weather while its windows grow brittle and crack.


In accordance with the prices posted on their website, Bestop truck toppers can retail for around $914.99 to $1,419.99 when ordered through their company website. The price variation depends on the make and model of your vehicle.

Softopper, on the other hand, has truck toppers that retail from $829 to $889 as advertised in their company website. This pricing is also dependent on the make and model of your vehicle.

If you don’t feel like buying brand new, you can also scout for some secondhand toppers on sale for much lower prices. However, if you do want to ensure that you get the best experience out of these toppers, it is best that you buy them directly through Bestop, Softopper, or their authorized dealers. 

Verdict: Softopper certainly takes this round. While Bestop does offer competitive prices, Softopper is certainly cheaper with competitive quality.

Consumer Popularity

Bestop has a loyal following among truck owners due to its time tested history of putting out sturdy, reliable, high quality toppers. In addition to that, they are also the official and exclusive provider of OE soft tops for Jeep Wranglers.

That doesn’t mean that you should rule out Softopper, though. This brand is a wild card and is a popular alternative due to its amazing quality in materials, sturdy build, and attainable prices. Like their competitor, they also provide soft tops for a wide variety of makes and models. 

Verdict: Softopper remains the crowd favorite among truck owners. New owners as well as seasoned truck owners who have previously tried toppers supplied by other brands sing praises of Softopper’s quality.

Which is better: Bestop or Softopper?

While both supplier brands provide excellent quality truck toppers, Softopper just narrowly takes the cake in this race. They not only provide similar quality with more attainable prices, they can also hold their own better in harsher weather conditions making it the more favorable choice for those living in cold areas. 

However, at the end of the day, it all depends on which truck topper you feel is best compatible with your truck and your activities. Who knows? Softopper may have won this time, but Bestop may be a better fit for you and your preferences when it comes to choosing a truck topper. 


Whether it’s for a outdoor adventure or just plain truck bed protection, it is crucial that you choose the truck topper that serves your needs the best. Both Bestop and Softopper offer great quality items with even better customer service that will serve you well until after your purchases.

While Softopper may currently be dominating the truck topper game now, it is still best that you do your research before buying. Rest assured that whatever your choice, you’re guaranteed to have one of the best toppers in the business.

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