4 Cheapest Beadlock Wheels

Beadlock wheels are all the rage now and for good reason. These wheels not only boost the overall badass appearance of your vehicle, but they also offer more traction as well as greater resistance to rough, rocky terrains.

However, these benefits can come at quite a shocking price. Luckily, there are still some quite affordable choices for beadlock wheels out in the market today. 

How Much Do Beadlock Wheels Cost?

Beadlock wheels are quite expensive and can shock those who might want to make the switch. True beadlock wheels can cost anywhere upwards of $350 while stimulated versions can cost around $150 to $350.

There is also the added cost of extra hardware that isn’t included in the prices stated above. In addition to that, some brands may ask you to spend a little bit more for installation.

Regardless, they are still considered to be excellent and worthy investments for your vehicle. Especially for those who love to take their vehicles on off-road adventures. 

True enough, these wheels are guaranteed to get you further due to the extra strength it provides your vehicle to handle those rough and rocky terrains.

The good news is, that you don’t really need to break the bank to get your hands on these automobile goodies as there are still some brands that offer beadlock wheels at affordable prices.

What are the Cheapest Beadlock Wheels?

Beadlock wheels are a worthy investment, and like any investment, it can get quite pricey. Prices can start at $350 and can go up to as much as $1500 depending on what type, material, and brand you get.

 However, if you don’t have a big budget to splurge on this upgrade, don’t worry. There are still affordable choices in the market that provide amazing quality beadlock wheels.

ATX Beadlocks

ATX Beadlocks are a line of beadlock wheels constructed by Spyderlock Beadlocks. These wheels usually come at a price range of around $390 to $410. 

While these beadlock wheels are more on the pricier side for budget beadlocks, the quality is sure to speak for itself.

This line of Spyderlock beadlock wheels is unique from their other wheels due to the anti-deflection webbing. 

While this design choice may have effects on the expected performance in comparison with Spyderlock’s other wheels, it is still considered a great choice for those looking for tough beadlocks that are unmatched by other beadlocks in the market.

While a terrific choice for affordable beadlocks, the ATX beadlocks are only available in 17 inches and come in three variations: AX756 SLAB “Satin Black”, AX757 CHAMBER PRO “Machined”, and AX757 CHAMBER PRO “Texture Black”

Allied Steel Beadlocks

If you’re looking to save a few bucks on legitimate beadlock wheels, then Allied Steel beadlocks may just be the brand for you.

The reason why they are considerably cheaper than many of their market competitors is that they ditched the typical aluminum build and opted for a cheaper steel build instead. 

However, despite the more inexpensive choice of material, nothing about these beadlocks feel cheap as they still maintain the premium feel you would expect from beadlocks while selling for a more attainable price.

Allied Steel Beadlocks are available in all popular sizes and bolt patterns to ensure that everyone looking to spruce up their ride is able to find the perfect fit for their off-road vehicle.

That being said, these beadlocks can range anywhere from $289.00 to $399.00

Raceline Wheels

Still looking for an even cheaper alternative? Raceline Wheels may be the perfect choice of beadlock wheels for you. 

With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, Raceline wheels provide a variety of wheels for off-road, racing, or common street use constructed with performance-driven technology that is sure to impress.

Made out of the finest carbon steel in the business and advertised as one of the strongest wheels available today, you are sure to get guaranteed high-quality beadlocks.

To add to their appeal, Raceline Wheels beadlock wheels are the most installed beadlocks in the market today with each beadlock custom drilled to ensure a great fit for your vehicle.

You get all this and more with an inexpensive starting price of $279. 


If you fancy yourself quite the handyman and believe you could handle a home project of this scale, then you might want to check out some D.I.Y. kits for beadlock wheels. An example of this would be those available in XO-Fab.com

XO-Fab is a lesser-known off-road supply store that offers a D.I.Y. kit for beadlock wheel set for the shockingly low price of $114.95.

This set is sold per wheel and comes complete with a free hardware kit for you to use for your own installment. 

Options like these save you a ton of money for sure, but at the price of your time and effort as you have to do most of the assembly and installation yourself. 

What are Simulated Beadlocks?

Not everyone looking to upgrade to beadlock wheels are after the functions and benefits that beadlocks actually offer. Many are actually only into the overall look of beadlocks. This is where simulated beadlocks come in. 

Simulated beadlocks are, from the name itself, simulated or imitation beadlocks. These are beadlocks that are made purely for design purposes and do not offer the added stability and strength that true beadlock wheels offer.

These beadlocks are great for those just looking to up the look of their ride while on a tight budget as they usually come at prices of just above $100 dollars. 

If you have the patience for it, you may even find simulated beadlock wheels for much cheaper on Ebay and other online shopping websites. 

However, keep in mind that these types of beadlocks are used purely for decorative purposes and some areas may still not approve them for use in street driving so best check with your local regulating body before going through with your purchase.

Take a look at some simulated beadlocks for yourself here:


Beadlock wheels sure are a terrific upgrade for your off-road vehicle. However, do keep in mind that beadlocks are good for just that, off-road adventures, and are not allowed for street driving in accordance to DOT guidelines. 

So before you go ahead and purchase your own set of beadlocks, make sure that you will get good use of it in addition to scouring the market for good prices to ensure that you get your bang for buck.

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