Dick Cepek Trail Country EXP Review

Dick Cepek was an American who was popular among his peers for his unending interest in off-roading and racing events. With this passion, he went further and organized off-roading racing events, which many loved. In his quest to put his name on the off-roading map, Dick Cepek introduced the Dick Cepek Tires company in 1963, a popularly known brand for light-truck tires. 

All did not go as planned, and a few years down the line, Dick Cepek Tires filed for bankruptcy. Mickey Thompson, a giant tire company, acquired Dick Cepeks’ business and reinvigorated it to propel its high-quality tires into the global market. To date, the Dick Cepek Company has grown vast and lives up to its founder’s vision of fueling off-roaders’ enthusiasm by offering them quality tires to traverse the most challenging driving conditions. 

Dick Cepek Trail Country EXP Review

Dick Cepek Tires

Dick Cepek tires are specialty-based, with their main aim being centered on off-roading and Overlanding activities. However, this does not cancel out the idea that you can use these tires on the road. No, they will serve you just perfectly. Furthermore, the Dick Cepek tires can be grouped into four classes, based on the construction’s intended purpose. The classes are:

  1. Standard truck tires
  2. Off-road tires
  3. Hybrid tires – possess all-terrain characteristics
  4. Mud terrain tires

Dick Cepek Tires have been engineered to meet two critical requirements for an off-road enthusiast; durability and grip. The company puts relentless effort into ensuring that their tires are treaded enough to mitigate damage. Since grip is the most crucial element in off-roading, Dick Cepek has eliminated any worry you might have with traversing loose sand, jiggered rocks, and mud. All Dick Cepek tires have an aggressive tread pattern and patented ‘side biters’ that give excellent traction on deep-layered loose surfaces. Not only do these tires excel on loose terrain, but they also perform excellently on hard, smooth surfaces.

Dick Cepek Trail Country EXP

This article will focus more on one of the company’s hybrid tires, the Dick Cepek Trail Country EXP. This tire’s construction and versatility characteristics already sound like you are being offered a budget set of shoes for your off-roader. In several other models, tires are made for one purpose, and you have to get more than one set to cruise confidently across terrain with varying characteristics. Let’s now narrow down to the actual construction of the Dick Cepek Trail Country EXP.

At first sight, you can tell that the tire was meant for off-roading from its aggressive pattern. The broad tread elements on this tire serve to provide a rubber-to-road contact that makes the vehicle more stable and more comfortable to handle. 

The tread compound is silica-reinforced to put off moisture, and as a result, achieve excellent wet traction. The tire surface edges are laced with lateral notches and wide grooves that help in the evacuation of water from the tire surface. 

Along the lateral notches of the Dick Cepek Country EXP are stone-ejector ribs that prevent the tire from retaining stones, which wear out the tire gradually. 

Dick Cepek Lateral Notches

The tire is imprinted with ultra-thin sipes that are a boost when it comes to ice and snow traction. These interlocking sipes help the tread to conform to irregular surfaces. The tire’s shoulder lugs are stepped outboard and notched to provide a firm side-grip in loose deep terrain. 

The inclusion of high-strength steel belts enhances sidewall strength and consequently improving the ride quality and puncture resistance. 

On other aspects that we expect typical off-road tires to possess, the Dick Cepek performs just above average for all. For instance, these tires provide a reasonable amount of noise on the road to the delight of users who fancy quieter driving conditions. 

The tires are wide enough to provide a wider surface contact with the terrain. This enhances your truck’s balance and provides excellent cover for the tire to grip the terrain. 

The Dick Cepek Trail Country EXP is constructed with a hardy silica-reinforced compound that does well against wear and guarantees you much more than the 45,000 miles stated on its tread-wear warranty. Moreover, the EXP’s tire is engineered with a high-tensile design that boosts its durability and makes it assume a lighter feel to save on fuel costs. 

As far as customer reviews on their experience with Dick Cepek are concerned, most of them loved the tire’s performance on both dry and wet terrain. The tire’s tread-wear, comfort, and ease of control won many users’ hearts, with 80% of them saying that they would highly recommend the tires to every off-roader out there. 

Dick Cepek trail country on rocks


In a nutshell, Dick Cepek Trail Country EXP is the hybrid tire every off-roader willing to cut-off their expenditure should consider obtaining. 

Thanks to the Dick Cepek Trail Country’s versatility and strength in different terrain types, it is fair to say that it fits a perfect budget plan for a set of wheels. The tire also cuts your daily costs by emulating a lighter feel that eases its movements and spotting a rigid outer surface that lengthens its lifespan. Noise reduction and the level of comfort, both on and off-road is on another level.

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