Go Treads vs MaxTrax: Which is Better?

If you’re living in an area that has you exposed to a nature’s rougher roads, whether you’re a hard core truck driver or a casual car owner, you should really look into investing in some good traction mats.

Right now, the hottest brands for this must-have accessory include Go Treads and MaxTrax. While each of these brands offer their own advantages, which one would be the better choice for you?

Which One is Better: Go Treads or MaxTrax?

Go Treads and MaxTrax are certainly among the best and most popular choices out there for traction mats.

Here, we tackle how these two choices of traction mats go against each other on paper while taking some testimonies on the experience actual GoTreads and MaxTrax users have into consideration. 

Design and Functionality

Go Treads is known for its patented foldable design. While this may be an unusual choice, this revolutionary design actually enables it to serve various functions because of the flexibility its foldable design allows.

If you’re creative enough, you can construct a bridge, ramp, or even simply fold it up and use it as a leveling block. 

It is available in Orange and Black colors.

MaxTrax, on the other hand, sport a sturdy and solid engineering grade nylon that allows it to withstand even the most extreme pressure that any vehicle or situation has to offer. 

While it may be a solid mat, it does serve its function and can still form a bridge, or ramp to get your car out of whatever tough situation it may find it in. 

It also has a decent design available in various colors such as Orange, Gunmetal Grey, Desert Tan, Stealth Black, Olive Drab, and so much more.

WINNER: Go Treads has to take this round for its unique foldable design that allow for greater functionality. While MaxTrax may be a better choice for those looking for a sturdy, solid board, the flexibility of Go Treads dominates this aspect.


Of course, you have to consider how these traction mats will be able to fit in your car so that you can easily bring them around wherever you may go.

The foldability of Go Treads truly shines here as you can easily fold it, pack it up and store it virtually anywhere in your vehicle.

If you’re willing to fork up a couple of extra bucks, you can even get yourself your own Go Treads bundle package that comes with a storage bag to add to the ease in storage.

Since MaxTrax is made up of solid material, most owners either store it on the roof, in truck beds, or in trunks. You also have the option of hitching it up on the side of your car with no problem.

Like the Go Treads, you can also purchase a storage bag separately to help you store and protect your precious traction mats easier.

WINNER: Go Treads‘ foldable design usually takes up lesser space and is, therefore, much easier to store. You can even keep your precious cargo inside the vehicle avoiding all the issues of storing your mat outside and potentially losing it or having it get stolen.


Go Treads functions as a great traction mat overall. Despite it’s light design, it was constructed for military and fleet use and thus can withstand weights of up to 50,000 lbs or close to 22680 kilograms.

However, because it is foldable, it does have a tendency to fold up when you need it to stay straight. It is this situation that can also see it flying off the wheels a bit more.

Some users have even reported having to hold onto it in some way to keep it from buckling or folding up.

This is where the solid, sturdy design of MaxTrax truly shines. The solid, sturdy mat or plank-like design keeps it allows for uniform distribution of stress or weight that keeps it from buckling.

Because of this, it serves as a better bridge or ramp as opposed to its jointed, foldable competitors in the market.

WINNER: MaxTrax‘s solid build certainly wins over Go Treads foldable design in this aspect. Go Tread’s jointed, foldable design has a greater tendency to buckle and give way as opposed to the sturdy, strong design that MaxTrax traction mats have to offer.


If you’re trying to work under a budget, then Go Treads may be the one for you. These traction mats retail for around $134 per set of two. You can even avail bundle packages for $159 to $550 depending on the inclusions.

However, it’s competitor, MaxTrax is a little bit pricier with prices starting at $299 for a set of their standard traction mats while minis retail for around $199.

Both of these brands come with lifetime warranties that may also be a load off of potential consumers.

WINNER: Go Treads steals the show in this round with prices that are a bit easier on the bank. Plus, they also come with a lifetime warranty. Given their price, you can purchase 2 sets and still have money left for the price of one set of MaxTrax.

Popularity and User Experience

Go Treads certainly is a popular choice due to its affordable price and how much easier it is to store in your car and bring around. Aside from that, they are truly able to get the job done.

They certainly get most people out of almost any sticky situation without much trouble, however many users have claimed to have difficulty gaining traction especially in particularly muddy situations.

Meanwhile, MaxTrax is the industry’s leading brand of traction mats and is truly dependable due to its sturdy and solid performance. 

While it seems to be a less popular choice for those looking for cheap options and/or living in icy environments, they are truly sturdier and less prone to buckling which is an especially critical issue for those who might need ramps or bridges to go through certain obstacles.

WINNER: MaxTrax still dominates the market with many users claiming to prefer them despite its hefty price. According to users’ popular opinion, the durability and functionality of MaxTrax still serves the purpose of a traction mat best.


If you’re going to base it all on paper, Go Treads comes out on top. It is an affordable option leaving you with a lot more money to purchase other items you may need in your daily ride go-to kits

Plus, they are much more compact and easier to store so you can bring it with you no matter what car you choose to drive.

And, most importantly, they get the job done. It might take a while to get the traction you need, but these mats are still guaranteed to get you out of whatever rut you may find yourself in.

That being said, if you do have the money to spare, MaxTrax are still the popular choice for those who like to drive through the roughest terrains. They are reliable, sturdy, and the industry’s leading brand for a reason.


Go Treads and MaxTrax are both terrific choices for traction mats. While Go Treads comes out on top for flexible functionality and cheaper prices, MaxTrax shines with its reliable, sturdy performance.

Regardless of which one you choose, you are sure to walk home with a terrific new addition to your ride along kit. 

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