Is Air Suspension Good For Off-Roading?

There is no question that air suspension is ideal for off-roading for those who still spend most of their time in their vehicle on road. In other words, those who enjoy the occasional trip off-road will surely enjoy having air suspension as part of the experience. We want to look at why that is the case, and why air suspension, in general, is a great option for many people. 

What Does The Modern Air Suspension System Look Like? 

Air suspension systems are considered to be a modern innovation in vehicles that allow them to be the most luxurious and comfortable ride on the market.

It is not unusual for people to want to get an air suspension system for their vehicle because they would greatly prefer it to the coil springs and pneumatic shocks that have made up systems of the past. 

It is a known fact that an air suspension system provides a much smoother ride than do the systems of the past. They are designed to keep the vehicle in the ideal (and safest) position for driving at all times. This is because the systems auto-correct to the proper setting if they get out of line due to various driving conditions. 

Previous Concerns About Air Bags Have Largely Been Addressed

One of the first facts that you may come across when researching air suspension and how it was viewed in the past is that there were some serious (and valid) concerns regarding air bags. Manufacturers had to take a hard look at this to try to determine what the issue was and how they might go about fixing it.

This was no easy task. They needed to focus in on how the air bags would withstand the numerous pressures to the system that comes with off-road driving with air suspension equipped. 

The manufacturers invested a lot of money and research into solving this problem because they realized that solving it could mean unlocking an entire market of opportunities for them as far as gaining new market share for their products.

It turns out that their R&D paid off, and there are few worries about air bags withstanding the same pressures that once would have crippled them from doing their job. 

These Systems Are More Ideal For Luxury Vehicles 

Air suspension systems are most ideal for luxury model vehicles and other high-end automobiles. The reason for this is largely due to the fact that the cost of an air suspension system is something that keeps many who drive less expensive vehicles from jumping at them.

Most don’t want to invest large sums of money in a vehicle that they are attempting to purchase on the cheap in the first place. As such, air suspension should be considered only for vehicles that have a high value to begin with. 

Manufacturers of vehicles that are designed to be used for off-roading purposes are often highly aware of the fact that they ought to include air suspension as a component of their vehicle to make their customers happy. Many have decided to do exactly that, and they have often seen success from this.

They know that people who are willing to pay up for their brand of vehicle will likely appreciate the fact that air suspension has been included.

Why Air Suspension Can Be The Perfect Counter To What You May Face While Off-Roading 

People sometimes forget that there are many obstacles that one could face while off-roading in their vehicle. It is entirely possible that an air suspension system could make some of those challenges a lot easier to get past. Some of the obstacles that one may encounter while off-roading include: 

  • Foreign objects such as boulders, tree limbs, etc. 
  • Terrain that is uneven and not ideal for most vehicles 
  • Wild animals that could run out in front of the vehicle 
  • Terrain that is easy to get stuck in and tough to get out of 

These are just a few examples of what those who take a vehicle off-roading may encounter. Given that we know this, doesn’t it just make sense to have a system within the vehicle that is ready to take on these challenges?

That is what air suspension is all about. It is not merely an upgrade that one applies to get a somewhat smoother ride. Rather, it is the upgrade that people use to be able to handle certain terrain conditions entirely. 

Boosted Towing Capacity Is A Possibility 

Is Air Suspension Good For Off-Roading?

Trucks and SUVs that have air suspension systems may see boosted towing capabilities as part of their new system. The air suspension system is know to absorb the weight of whatever needs to go into the truck much more easily, and it can therefore potentially handle larger loads than a vehicle that was not equipped with this system.

Truck and SUV owners understand just how important it is to have the highest towing capacity possible. 

There are additional maintenance costs that come with an air suspension system, and those looking to boost the towing capabilities on their truck or SUV should try to understand that this is a factor in what they are doing as well.

They need to be prepared for the reality that they will not only pay more for this system, but they will likely pay more to keep it maintained as well. It is not always ideal to be in that situation, but it might be worth the investment depending on what uses you have for your vehicle. 

Imagine for a moment that you need to carry out large amounts of firewood or building materials or virtually anything else you can think of to a remote location off-road.

How are you going to get those materials there without the use of a truck equipped with very powerful technologies that make it easier for you to not only get to your destination but also get the materials where they need to go right on time?

That is when it becomes apparent that a truck or SUV with strong towing abilities is the ideal solution to this issue. 

Sport Cars Differ In Where The Air Suspension Is Placed

One important thing to keep in mind is that different types of vehicles will have different setups as far as how the air suspension system is set up in the first place.

It might not feel like that big of a deal how one system operates over another, but the truth is that sports cars have a different set of expectations, so to speak, as to how the system operates. Thus, it needs to be installed precisely to avoid potential mechanical issues that could otherwise arise. 

Most sports cars have an air suspension paired up with an air bellow as part of the overall design of the air suspension system. This differs from how other vehicles do it in that they tend to just add a bellow to the suspension.

The problem for sports cars is that this second option would not work for them because it could potentially create dangerous driving conditions entirely based on how the sports cars are designed. No one wants to increase their risk factors while driving simply to have an air suspension system installed. 

How To Get A Feel For The Difference

Consumers generally prefer when they can get a feel for the difference between two products that they are considering purchasing.

This is no different for those who are looking at various vehicles and the air suspension systems within them. It is advisable to be just as picky (if not more so) about these types of products as anything else. 

Getting a feel for the difference between a vehicle with air suspension and one without it comes down to the opportunity for a driver to literally get behind the wheel and test drive the vehicle. There is no other way to feel about it.

Everyone deserves the chance to understand how the various systems differ from one another, and literally feeling that in a physical way can provide a lot of insights that nothing else would have. 

The test drives that one does in this area may help them decide if an air suspension system really makes sense for them from the perspective of how much money they want to lay down for one.

They might just uncover that it is something they will likely benefit from every day.

That is almost certainly going to depend on how often they expect that they will be taking the vehicle off-roading though, and that is a question that only the individual consumer can answer. 

Considering Air Suspension In Its Totality 

There is no doubt that there are upsides and downsides to getting an air suspension system in a vehicle. As we mentioned right from the top, there is no question that an air suspension system is ideal for off-roading.

Does it make sense to purchase one simply because you may go off-roading once or twice per year? It is unlikely.

Does it make sense to consider getting one in the event that you plan to take your vehicle off-road a lot more often than that? The answer there is that it very well could. 

Everyone who reviews the components of a vehicle before purchasing it must also remember to consider the long-term maintenance costs of various components.

Maintaining an air suspension system is quite costly, and this should not be overlooked. That said, it can be a very rewarding thing to have when you get out into Mother Nature and take your flashy vehicle out for an off-road spin. 

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