What Are Dual Shocks?

Shocks are important parts of the vehicle’s suspension system, and they play an important role that can not be pushed aside. The shocks help the vehicle balance and minimize the level of bounce the vehicle gets when moving, especially when it hits a bump. 

There are different types of shocks, and they are suitable for different purposes. One type of shock that is very popular, especially among truck users, is the dual shock. In this article, we will be explaining to you what the dual shocks are, the benefits, downsides and who or what scenario it is suitable for.

What are dual shocks?

Normally, each wheel of a vehicle is meant to have one shock each, but it is not so with a vehicle with dual shocks. With the help of special tools and kits, two shocks can be installed on each wheel. Although, this type of shock is not popular today. It is mainly used for trucks to improve their off-road ability. 

Dual shocks can not be installed without the help of special kits, and this is because vehicles are built to have just one shock installed on a wheel. One way to install the dual shocks is through shock hoops.

Shock hoops are used to mount the shocks and other suspension parts. The specific shock hoops used for installing dual shocks are the dual hoops. They are made specifically to fit in dual shocks and mount comfortably.

Dual shocks are mainly used for trucks and not cars. It gives the driver better handling when driving in a harsher environment.  

Benefits of Dual Shocks 

The dual shocks, as we know, are a great modification for your trucks, but what many do not understand are the amazing features that come with the installation. Here are some of the features that make the dual shock special. 

The following are the benefits of installing the dual shocks:   

  1. Off-road capacity

One of the major reasons truck users use this modification is the enhanced off-road capacity. The major essence of shocks is to keep the car’s springs under control and stop excessive bouncing when driving. When driving off-road, trucks without a good off-road capacity tend to bounce excessively and easily be thrown off balance. 

A good suspension with off-road capacity must provide quality stability when driving on rough surfaces. The dual shocks can provide all these. Due to the two shocks put in place, the excessive bounce of the vehicle is cubbed. It gives a stable and smooth drive and keeps the tires on the road even when driving in the harshest environment.

  1. Enhanced handling 

Dual shocks also improve handling when driving and allow the truck to move around corners better than single shocks. The dual shocks help the truck prevent extra bounce and stabilize it. It is very useful, especially when the truck encounters any form of cornering. The driver can easily maneuver the truck because it is well balanced.     

  1. Enhanced looks 

The dual shocks also help enhance the look of your vehicle. Trucks users look to replace their old shocks with dual shocks after lifting. It is because of the beauty it adds to the wheel. 

The dual shocks can easily be seen on lifted trucks between the frame of the car and the wheel itself. The shocks make the truck look more exotic and appealing when compared with the normal shocks.

If you wonder if dual shocks will work with lifted trucks, they will. If you want to get a dual shock for your lifted truck, you can opt for the adjustable ones. The adjustable dual shocks allow you to adjust the shocks to the desired height that will suit the lifted truck.  

  1. Easy Installation modification

Easy installation is a benefit that makes truck drivers love this modification. You do not need professional help or heavy-duty tools to install the dual shocks. All you need is a little welding experience and knowledge of handling basic tools. If you have the installation done yourself, you will save up to $100, which would have been used to hire professional assistance.

You must get the kits for your truck before going on with the installation. Also, put on safety gear when installing. If you have a lifted truck, you may not need to weld. 

  1. Stable Ride  

The dual shock is also a way to give your truck a stable ride. One problem that truck users experience when driving their trucks is the excessive rocking of the vehicle’s frame. If your car experiences this, then you need a dual shock installed. 

The disadvantage of Dual Shocks

Although dual shocks are a great modification for your truck, it comes with their downside. 

The Dual shocks face a major problem; they are not suitable for smooth roads. Although you get better control when driving on bumpy roads, it is not the same experience with smooth roads. 

You tend to have less handling when accelerating on a smooth road with a truck with dual shocks installed. The dual shocks are built to give your vehicle better handling on rough roads while moving at a slower speed. 

The dual shocks will give your car flexible movement of its wheels and a firmer grip on the ground. It has its advantage with bumpy roads, but with smooth roads, the truck can easily be thrown off balance when speeding. When driving on a smooth road with a dual shock installed, you will realize that it is harder to maneuver the truck when cornering. 

If you are looking for a suspension system that will give you better on-road handling, you should opt for stiffer suspensions. The suspension system does not allow for a flexible wheel; rather, the wheels are made to be stiffer and stay firm to the ground when cornering. 

It will help if you do not speed with a dual shock installed as they a not built for speed.  

Who Are They For 

The dual shocks are not suitable for just any use; they are made for specific purposes and used in specific conditions. Once these conditions are not met, it becomes hard to enjoy the driving experience when the dual shocks are installed. 

Dual shocks are made to be used on trucks, and this is because it is meant to improve the off-road capability of the truck. Dual shocks, although they can be used for cars, they are not meant for them. Cars are not meant for off-road use, and they are made for smooth roads. Installing the dual shocks on them may not enhance the off-road capacity of cars; this is because it already too low to the ground. 

However, people do lift their cars and then install double shocks. It may improve the car’s off-road capability slightly but not guarantee total success. If you want to enjoy an off-road drive, you should get a truck. 

It is also important to note that not all trucks are suitable for off-road use; modifications like the dual shocks are needed. Lifts and other forms of suspension upgrades are considered some fo the easier ways to improve off-road capacity. 

Also, the dual shocks are not only used to improve off-road capacity alone. Dual shocks are also great for solving some problems your truck may be having. Suppose your truck is experiencing problems like continuous bouncing when it hits a bump and less stability when driving. Installing dual shocks would be a suitable solution.


The dual shocks are not bad modifications for your truck, but it is important to consider many factors before installing them. They are mainly used for off-road purposes and to enhance the truck’s looks. If you are not installing the modification for these purposes, then the modification could prove to be a waste of many.       

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