Land Rover Discovery vs Range Rover Sport

When you say Land Rover, you are immediately taken to the world of luxury SUVs that this brand is known for. However, these cars are still terrific off-road beasts.

Two such notable beasts are the Land Rover Discovery and the Range Rover Sport.

Which is Better: Land Rover Discovery or Range Rover Sport?

Despite coming from the same manufacturer, technically speaking, these two models are sort of like the polar opposites of each other.

The Land Rover Discovery was constructed with families in mind. The goal for this vehicle was to be able to accommodate large families while still maintaining the high-quality off-road performance. This opens up a whole new adventurous avenue to family trips.

Given that, this model is more focused on better utilization of space as opposed to its fancier counterpart.

Range Rover Sport, on the other hand, is categorized as a luxury, mini-SUV that offers a sleek yet sporty look at all angles.

Despite its overall lavish feel, this all-purpose vehicle can still deliver and handle some of the trickiest terrains that the rough outdoors has to offer. 

Aside from looks, this model is known to emphasize power a little bit more that its counterpart does.

Because they both bring different things to the table, let’s go into depth as to which one would be a better overall choice over the other.


Land Rover Discovery vs Range Rover Sport

The Land Rover Discovery is a popularly known strong-looking boxy design that hasn’t completely gone away despite getting a few softer curves through the years. 

While it may not be as rugged as other Land Rovers, it does offer a great middle-ground for those who are looking for a strong look with just the slightest touch of delicacy.

The Range Rover Sport, on the other hand, was constructed to bring sophistication and elegance to the rough road. It maintains the refined appearance associated with sports vehicles while emitting still maintaining a strong, masculine look. 

This is certainly a go-to for those who want to emit a fancier appearance while on the road.

VERDICT: Nothing against the Land Rover Discovery, but The Range Rover Sport just has a slightly better look. It’s a bit more polished and clean but still has that strong facade.


Because the Land Rover Discovery is a full-sized SUV, you can expect a ton of space for storage as well as seating.

You can seat up to 5 people right off the bat. However, if you are willing to sacrifice a small amount of cargo space, you can convert it up to a 7-seater and still get a good amount of storage space for whatever you may choose to take on your off-road adventure.

As a mini-SUV, the Range Rover has a more compact design and thus has a little bit less room for storage.

However, it is a consistent 5-seater vehicle that provides ample, dedicated space in the back for lots of cargo or materials you may want to bring along your drive. 

VERDICT: Land Rover Discovery is the obvious choice for those looking to maximize storage and seating capacities due to its customizable seating plans and storage areas. 

Power and Performance

Of course, you cant talk about a Land Rover without discussing its power.

The Land Rover Discovery has an average horsepower of 296 paired with a torque of 295 pounds force foot. It also has a maximum towing capacity of around 6614 pounds or close to 3000 kilograms. 

Despite its smaller size, the Range Rover Sport can exhibit an average horsepower of 355 paired with a torque of 600. It can also tow as much as 7716 pounds or just below 3500 kilograms.

VERDICT: Range Rover Sport is proof that big things can come from small packages. The ability of this sport vehicle to overpower and outperform big cars such as the Land Rover Discovery in terms of strength and performance proves that this cutie is just as much a beast.

Fuel Efficiency

Land Rover Discovery vs Range Rover Sport

One thing that people continue to rave about when talking about the Land Rover Discovery is its fuel efficiency. You can expect a full tank of gas to last you up to 520 miles or 837 kilometers. Actually, you can get an average of 21 miles per gallon. This may vary depending on the landscape you’re driving in. 

As for the Range Rover Sport, you can expect up to an average of 22 miles per gallon going as high as 24 miles if you’re driving on highways and other similar paths.

VERDICT: TIE. While Range Rover Sport does have the slightest advantage, overall both of these Land Rover vehicles can offer great mileage given its fuel capacity.


Here’s where it all probably boils down to — the price of these two extremely capable vehicles.

The Land Rover Discovery has a starting price of $53,900 which is just around the average price you would expect from a vehicle in its class.

On the other hand, the Range Rover Sport has a heftier starting price of $69,500 which is slightly above the average for its vehicle but certainly understandable given all the amenities it has.

VERDICT: Land Rover Discovery is sure to save you a lot more than a few thousand bucks if you’re under a tight budget and looking for a full-size SUV that can perform extremely well.

Which One is the Better Buy: Land Rover Discovery or Range Rover Sport?

This was a very close fight but ultimately, we’d have to say that the Range Rover Sport is the better buy. 

If we were to go through all the points in this article, it would probably end in a tie. However, the more updated, modern functionality that Range Rover Sport offers paired with a stronger engine and efficient fuel consumption just narrowly puts it in the lead above the Land Rover Discovery.

However, if you’re not looking to spend that much money on a car but still would like a sturdy, reliabe Land Rover SUV with ample space and great off-road capabilities, the Land Rover Discovery would still be an extremely strong choice.

Hey, if you love them both, you might want to check out the Land Rover Discovery Sport.


While Range Rover Sport may have come out on top this time, it doesn’t mean that Land Rover Discovery Sport is something to stick your nose up at.

The beauty of Land Rover is that it appears to have a strong-powered SUV built for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a family man, a businessman, or just an everyday off-road junkie. Land Rover has a car that will fit your needs. 

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