7 Best Trasharoo Alternatives

Trasharoo is very popular in the overlanding and off-roading world. However, not everyone has access to or the funds for a Trasharoo. Our top pick for a Trasharoo alternative is the All Top Overlanding Series.

Our Top Choice products:

To help guide you in your purchase we have compiled a list of the best Trasharoo alternatives available on Amazon. 

Trasharoo Alternatives:

Himal Outdoors Spare Tire Trash Bag

This extremely affordable product is a perfect candidate for our top pick. It’s offered in two colors and is UV resistant ensuring it will not fade and weather easily. It is highly stylish and is offered in two great colors to suit any aesthetic. 

This purpose has multiple internal and external pockets and compartments ensuring it can suit multiple purposes simultaneously. Its humongous capacity (34x28x8inches) ensures it can store anything from trash to firewood! It also comes complete with Mollie strips to help you store your tools for easy access. All these features ensure that you can make use of the product no matter what you are looking for from the bag.

This product is made of a highly durable PVC material that is water, wind, and tear-resistant. Your belongings will be protected from any elements and the bag itself will last longer to increase your value for money. This product also features drainage holes at the bottom to allow you to easily clean the bag out if the inside should become soiled. 

The heavy-duty straps are designed to cross over to ensure easy installation and maximum security for your belongings. These straps are also guaranteed to be a universal fit to any surface meaning you can hang the bag any way anywhere! 

Himal also offers after-sale support and can easily be contacted for any issues. Overall, this product ticks all the main boxes in terms of functionality and is an exceptional option for those on a tight budget.

Joy Tutus Spare Tire Trash bag

This product has amazing features that earn it its well-deserved spot on our list. The straps are not universal so be careful to check that the product will fit your tire size. It will fit any spare tire that is between 30- 40inches in diameter. 

The main feature that distinguishes this product is the detachable internal trash bag. This feature can be easily removed after you set your site up making it easier to use. This inner bag also has a drawstring to ensure that your trash doesn’t get spread amongst the rest of your belongings. It is also much easier for children who may struggle to reach the bag when attached to the tire to use. This removable, drawstring bin also increases the cleanliness and hygiene of using the bag for both trash and storing gear as neither will come in direct contact with each other. It also allows for better and easier cleanup and drying without having to unpack and wash all of your soiled gear. 

The product is made of highly durable, double-stitched fabric which will last for years and support a heavier load. The fabric is also UV resistant to limit visible fading and wear from the elements. This ensures that your gear is fully protected at all times and both the gear and bag will last you for much longer.

The product has an amazing 31-gallon capacity and can handle an impressive 80lbs of weight. This means you can use it to store practically anything even when the detachable bin is fitted inside. This product is one of the best options for those looking to haul heavier gear like firewood as most other products are capped at around 50-60lbs weight bearing limits. It also has drainage holes to ensure you can easily clean the product if it becomes soiled.

The product also comes with a warranty for any damage during delivery and manufacturing defects. This should help increase your peace of mind when investing in this awesome product.

Off-roading Gear Spare Tire Trash and Rear Gear Bag

This product has a universal fit that will ensure that anyone can use it. It can also be hung in your car as a seat organizer, and a bag pack increasing its adaptability to your needs. It also comes with three separate pockets to help you keep your gear organized and separated.

It has 15 gallons of space and has a drawstring to ensure none of your belongings fall from the bag or are exposed to the elements. This capacity is a little less than most products on the market but allows the product to have more versatility in use. It may not be a suitable product for those looking for a trash storage option for longer trips and bigger camping trips.

It is made out of highly durable, UV-resistant polyester, double-stitched material that will keep your gear safe and dry. This will increase the longevity of both the bag and the gear to ensure your value for money and peace of mind when using the product. The bag also features a drawstring lid that ensures maximum security for your belongings no matter how much the bag is flung around the campsite. 

It can even be hung on the in-built D ring meaning it can be stored and used anywhere at any time. This can help you keep your gear off the ground to avoid the risk of animals sifting their way through your belongings and gears and can be used to keep it higher and dryer in wet conditions

This product includes a 1 year “no questions asked” warranty so you can have peace of mind that an amazing replacement will come your way if you damage the product in this period.

All-top Overland Series Spare Tire Trash Bag

This amazing product will fit on any tire up to 40 inches in diameter. It contains moly straps and mesh pockets to enhance the amount of storage room for your gear. The product is even fitted with reflective strips to ensure you can see it even in the dark and locate it quickly and easily in an emergency. It also comes in a variety of different colors and styles to help you match the product to the aesthetic of your current camping setup.

This bag is made out of durable, double-stitched canvas that protects it from water and other harsh conditions. This offers maximum security for all of your gear and belongings to increase your peace of mind when using the product. Drainage holes allow you to easily wash the bag out whenever it becomes soiled. It can also be easily folded down for convenient storage when not in use. This ensures it does not take up valuable room in your camp setup and allowing you to easily store it inside to increase its lifespan by protecting it from fading and weathering. The bag also has extra mesh pockets to store minor items in easy access areas to increase the bag’s usefulness to suit any need.

It has an impressive 25-gallon capacity making it perfect to insert a 30-gallon trash bag for easy cleaning if you choose to use this product as a trash bag. If not, this is still a great capacity to store your gear for maximum security. It also has a 60lb weight rating meaning you can keep practically anything in this amazing storage option. This can expand your options for using the bag dramatically making it perfect to cart firewood and other heavy items as you travel.

This manufacturer prides itself on its customer satisfaction and offers a 2-year warranty for maximum support. This is one of the longest warranties you will find on this style of product and is a great advantage to improve your peace of mind.

Rhino USA Spare Tire Trash Bag

This tire is designed to fit the spare tire of a Jeep Wrangler but should also fit any tire up to 40”. This makes it an excellent offer for most off-roaders. It also comes in a very stylish design that blends into your tire and is set up to ensure that your gear is safe from prying eyes especially as you are sleeping during the night.

This product is made out of high-quality Oxford cloth to ensure it is durable and sturdy. The buckles are made out of extremely durable plastics to ensure they do not break during use. It also has multiple pockets on the front to ensure you can store your essentials in easy-to-access areas. This ensures you can store anything you need for quick, no-fuss access and separates these items from the trash you may be stored inside for maximum health and hygiene.

This product features a drawstring to keep all of your belongings extra secure and a waterproof inner casing to ensure your things are not water damaged. This design also ensures that your items will not be lost during transportation due to multiple levels of protection and coverage.

Poueae Spare Tire Trash Bag

From the moment you lay eyes on this product you will realize that it is much different from the others on this list. It contains three distinctly separate bags that attach to the outside of your bag. They are designed for maximum convenience as each can be removed whenever you need it. The fact you can detach the bags also ensures that you are not carrying more weight than you need in your setup. This can help increase your fuel efficiency ensuring you do not travel with anything that you don’t need. 

It can be easily fitted to any tire with under 35-inch diameter. This ensures it is semi-universal and should suit most setups. It’s a good idea to check the diameter of your wheel before you purchase the product just in case. The design is attached to the wheel by a very secure base with extra clips to decrease sagging and increase anchorage to the wheel to ensure security for all of your belongings. 

The three carry bags are made out of heavy-duty, water-resistant PVC. They have many extra pockets to store your things for easy access. This increases their versatility to any need and purpose you may have. They also feature a semi-rigid design. This means they will hold their shape when empty but can also be easily folded for storage when not in use. 

RAYTEEN Black Sturdy PVC Spare Tire Trash Bag

This product has a unique fabric that prevents environmental damage while also allowing the fabric and items inside to breathe ensuring that you can store your gear long term without risking your items smelling dank. It is also fire resistant providing your gear maximum protection for a very reasonable price. 

It has a large 23-gallon capacity and can handle 66lbs of weight. This makes it perfect to use for storage as well as a trash bag. The bag also has two easy-to-access pockets on the sides of the product to store other belongings. These pockets are also secured by zippers providing maximum security for all of your belongings. 

The zippers of the product use a stronger zipper puller to increase the lifespan of the zipper itself. Its straps also offer stronger reinforcement to increase the amount of weight the bag can handle without tearing or breaking. The buckles are also made out of thicker plastic than most similar products to extend their durability and lifespan 

 It is made of three levels of PVC which prevents it from all elements including fire. This triple ply design also combats mold. This means that you can use the product to store groceries and vegetables like potatoes and onions without worrying about them getting wet or spoiling between trips. It can also be used to store clothing or bedding long-term without creating undesirable scents over time. The zipper also has its own plastic flap to ensure the bag is completely protected from rain and water. The bag is also designed with drainage holes to help you clean it easily if the inside becomes soiled these holes also increase the breathability of the bag contributing to its ability to be used for longer-term storage.

Buyer’s Guide

Before you begin looking into your Trasharoo alternatives you should consider what you are looking to get out of it. Trasharoo products offer a variety of functions so it can be hard to narrow this down to only one or two things. Some of the key things you should consider are:

–       Purpose. Are you only looking to store your garbage? Do you want the product to store equipment and supplies? This can help you decide whether you want options with more pockets and compartments. 

–       Capacity. How large do you want the product? To help with this point consider how long you will be using it to store trash. You may also want to consider the size of what you would be looking to store. The size of your camping group will also play a role as this can impact the amount of trash or belongings you will be storing.

–       Durability. You won’t want to be buying a new product every few months. Heavy fabrics and canvases will give you the best durability. You will also want to try and find a product that boasts ‘double stitching’ as this will give your product twice the hardiness. 

The best products will have multiple uses to help suit any need. They may also have larger weight recommendations to help you haul gear and lug heavy items like firewood. 

Great products will also have a washable design including water-resistant inner skin and drain holes. These features will ensure that you can easily clean out fallen trash quickly and easily.

All products should come with heavy-duty adjustable straps. These should be easy to fit into your vehicle’s spare wheel. Good straps are essential in keeping the product in place.

If you have room in your budget, we highly encourage buying from a well-known camping brand. These products are least likely to disappoint as they will be designed in response to detailed feedback from campers across the globe. 

You may also wish to avoid products with dark colors. These will show signs of fading much sooner than tan, beige, and even green colors. This could lead to more frequent replacement as fading can often be misinterpreted as wear. You should also keep an eye out for products with UV-resistant fabric while will slow fading caused by the sun. 

You may also want to look out for products that are easy to detach. This can help you use the product at your campsite. It will also help you clean and dry the bag easily. You may also want to bring the bag indoors for storage to reduce fading and increase the longevity of the product by shielding it from the elements. 


FAQs on Trasharoo Alternatives

1. Why are Trasharoo alternatives becoming popular?

Trasharoo alternatives are gaining popularity because not everyone has access to or the funds for an original Trasharoo. Moreover, these alternatives often offer similar or even enhanced features at a more affordable price.

2. What materials are commonly used in Trasharoo alternatives?

Most Trasharoo alternatives are made from durable materials like PVC, Oxford cloth, and UV-resistant polyester. These materials ensure longevity, water resistance, and protection from environmental elements.

3. Can Trasharoo alternatives fit any vehicle?

While many Trasharoo alternatives are designed to fit a wide range of spare tires, it’s essential to check the product’s specifications. Some are universal fits, while others are designed for specific tire sizes or vehicle models.

4. Are there Trasharoo alternatives with multiple storage compartments?

Yes, several Trasharoo alternatives come with multiple internal and external pockets and compartments. These features enhance the product’s versatility, allowing users to store various items separately.

5. How do I clean and maintain my Trasharoo alternative?

Many Trasharoo alternatives are designed with water-resistant materials and drainage holes, making them easy to clean. It’s advisable to regularly empty and clean the bag, especially if used for trash. For prolonged life, store it indoors when not in use to protect it from the elements.

6. Are there any warranties or after-sales support for Trasharoo alternatives?

Many manufacturers of Trasharoo alternatives offer warranties and after-sales support. It’s essential to check the product details or contact the manufacturer directly for information on warranties and support.
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