What Are the Smallest Land Rovers?

When one thinks of Land Rovers, large beasts of SUVs often come to mind. However, if you’re not into big, imposing vehicles, Land Rover has a few different tricks up its sleeve for you.

If you’re looking to get a smaller SUV that maintains the great performance and reliability associated with Land Rover, then you’ve come to the right place.

What Are the Smallest Land Rovers?

Land Rover has a good number of smaller built models made to accommodate certain situations such as tight driving lanes, limited parking spaces, and the like.

However, despite their smaller size, these cars still have all the tricks and functions one would expect from a full-sized Land Rover Sports Utility Vehicle. Heck, some of them even outperform some of the larger mobile beasts that this manufacturer offers. 

To find you some clarity, here are some of the smallest vehicles that Land Rover has up its sleeve. 

Land Rover Discovery Sport

What Are the Smallest Land Rovers

The Land Rover Discovery Sport stands at about 5.67 feet tall and has a width of 6.79 feet when its mirrors are folded. If the mirrors are out, then it its width increases to 7.13 feet.

While this model might not be the smallest, it is considerably smaller than most of the other cars that Land Rover has to offer.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is a smaller variant of the ever popular and reliable Land Rover Discovery. Given that, it provides similar if not better experiences with even the hardest of drives thanks to its built-in system that automatically chooses which drive mode is the most suitable for the terrain you are in.

Another thing to love about it is its vast and flexible storage and seating capacity. Right off the bat, you get a 5-seater SUV. But if you’re looking for something that accommodates big families, you can convert the Land Rover Discovery into a 7-seater.

It also boasts of power with the ability to go 0 to 60 mph in a matter of just 10 seconds! In addition to that, this car also has a maximum towing capacity close to 4 000 lbs.

Given all that, this model is known as one of the best and most reliable compact SUVs you could ever purchase.

Range Rover Velar

What Are the Smallest Land Rovers

This bad boy stands at about 5 and a half feet. When it comes to width, it is about 6.40 feet wide with a length close to 15.75 feet. 

This model is kind of like the midpoint among the smallest vehicles that Land Rover has to offer. It’s not quite tiny but it is the second smallest vehicle that Land Rover has in its lineup.

The Range Rover Velar, given that it comes from the Range Rover line, is a luxury SUV that combines the powerful performance expected of a sports utility vehicle with an elegant and posh design and experience.

This vehicle is chock filled with amenities that not only give you strong off-road capabilities but also a smooth and luxurious ride.

This Range Rover model allows up to 5 seats. However, if you need to open up a bit more space for precious cargo, seats can be reduced down to 2 opening up the whole back space for whatever you need to carry. 

The power of this vehicle is also quite notable with the ability to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in a matter of just 5 to 9 seconds. It can also tow up to 5 290 lbs.

The cherry on top of this amazing vehicle is probably its amazing entertainment system and customizable seat adjustments so that everyone is guaranteed a comfortable ride. No more fighting over the thermostat.

Range Rover Evoque

What Are the Smallest Land Rovers

Last, but certainly, not least is the smallest Land Rover vehicle: the Range Rover Evoque.

The Range Rover Evoque has a length of about 14 feet that stands at a height of 5.4 feet. Its width is approximately 6 feet.

These measurements make it the smallest vehicle that Land Rover has to offer in its arsenal. However, don’t let its small size fool you. This small package is certainly home to some of the biggest things that this manufacturer has to offer.

As another member of the Range Rover line, the Range Rover Evoque is also one of the fanciest rides that you can ever encounter in the Land Rover brand. It is categorized as a luxury mini-SUV that makes a confident statement wherever it goes due to its tough capabilities and elegant design.

Despite its small size, this car can seat up to 5 people; 2 in the front, and 3 in the back. The back seats also fold up flat so that it’s easier to load and store bulkier or longer items that might not fit in the designated cargo area.

It certainly is a small but mighty model with a maximum towing capacity of up to almost 4 000 lbs. Aside from that, it can go from 0 to 60 mph in an average of 7 to 8 seconds.

Of course, as a Land Rover vehicle, the Range Rover Evoque is also extremely capable be it for everyday city driving or rough off-roading. You could most certainly say that this vehicle is a little powerhouse.


People don’t usually go for “small” SUVs because they fear that the tiny package cannot house or provide the same level of performance as a full-sized SUV can. However, as you can see, these people are wrong. 

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