Why Are Jeep Patriots So Cheap?

Out of many Jeep models, you have various choices based on the price you want to pay. In 2017 (the last year of production), Jeep Patriot seemed to be the cheapest on the market, and many people think the reason behind it is that it’s no good.

The low price doesn’t necessarily reflect the ability or durability of the vehicle. 

Why Are Jeep Patriots So Cheap?

Jeep Patriots were cheap from the start, so there is no surprise why they are so cheap second-hand. 

Reasons for the small price tag were the materials used, simplicity of build, and probably most important, the small size, amongst others. 

The Patriot is by no means a luxury vehicle, and even the newer models don’t have all that many bells and whistles.

Although they did get the infotainment with a touch screen in their last year of production, the interior is made from plastic, which gives it a cheap feel and is relatively simple looking. It still has the basic commodities, like AC or heated seats, but it doesn’t come with any fancy trims.

This Jeep model didn’t really get the attention of other models, like Wrangler or Grand Cherokee, and therefore the price tag doesn’t include payback for the money spent on advertising.

It was lightly advertised as an affordable and simple vehicle for those fans of the Jeep brand that couldn’t afford or didn’t want the big and fancy petrol-drinking models.

Another reason for the low price is the simultaneous release of another compact model, the Compass, which, unlike the Patriot, is still manufactured and currently in its second generation.

There were also other SUVs in Patriot’s class that were new on the market, and since the model didn’t stand out, it had to be at least cheaper than others.

Jeep Patriot also has a small enough engine to lower the cost of production. Although the 4WD seems to have insufficient power and seems sluggish on the highway, the price tag reflects the vehicle’s ability, so we can’t expect too much.

Which Patriot Year Is Cheapest To Buy?

Jeep Patriot was made between 2007 and 2017, so there are no more new Patriots. 

However, the Jeep Patriots were popular enough that one year after the end of production, in 2018, there were 621 cars sold in the US and 3 in Canada. In 2019 and 2021, 27 and 15 Jeep Patriots were sold, respectively. 

Because the price of the new Jeep Patriots was not really high from the start, you can expect second-hand vehicles will also be cheap, depending on their condition.

Jeep Patriot wasn’t the best of the Jeeps, and we believe that’s why they depreciated so much over the years. However, having that in mind, some years are still worth more than others.

Price for a new Jeep Patriot according to year:

  • 2007 – From $14 550
  • 2008 – From $16 485
  • 2009 – From $17 540
  • 2010 – From $17 795
  • 2011 – From $15 995
  • 2012 – From $15 995
  • 2013 – From $15 995
  • 2014 – From $16 395
  • 2015 – From $16 895
  • 2016 – From $17 695
  • 2017 – From $18 040

The 2007 Jeep Patriot, as a brand new vehicle on the market, started at a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $14 985, although most dealers sold it even cheaper, at $14 550.

However, it was the cheapest of the available trims, and the price climbed to more than $21 550 fully equipped Limited edition. Now you can get that year’s second-hand Patriot for as cheap as $4 290.

Manufacturers’ Suggested Retail Price for the 2008 Jeep Patriot started around $16 485, and that was for the least equipped vehicle, the 4dr FWD Jeep Patriot Sport, with barely any extras.

The price went up to $22 855 for fully equipped 4×4 Limited trim. At the moment, one can buy a 2008 Patriot for as little as 1 900 in the most basic trim.

MSRP for the 2009 model of Jeep Patriot started at around $18,000, but many dealers chose to sell it for $17 540 at the cheapest trim. From there, one could upgrade up to $23 980 when the vehicle was fully equipped. Now the cheapest 2009 Jeep Patriot costs $2 100.

The 2010 Jeep Patriot’s Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price started at around $17 795 for the most basic FWD Sport trim and reached $24 550 for the fully loaded 4×4 Limited version.

The second-hand Jeep Patriot from 2010 would fetch a low of $2 900.

In 2011 Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price for the Jeep Patriot without bells and whistles was around $15 995.

For a nicely loaded 4×4 Latitude X edition, one had to spend about $23 895. At the moment, market prices for a used 2011 Jeep Patriot start at $2 900.

2012 Starting MSRP listed lowest price for FWD Sport Jeep Patriot was $15 995. That version came as bare as they could.

A 4×4 Limited trim with everything included went for $25 330. Right now, a 2012 model of Jeep Patriot can be purchased for as low as $4 599.

Why Are Jeep Patriots So Cheap?

In 2013 Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price for Jeep Patriot started at about $15 995. It was the basic FWD Sport version.

The highest price for a new vehicle was $25 695 for 4×4 Limited trim fully loaded. Now, one can buy a 2013 Jeep Patriot for $5 995

A very basic FWD Jeep Patriot Sport in 2014 fetched a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $16 395. Fully equipped Limited trim of Jeep Patriot went for $26 395. Now, second-hand market prices are reaching as little as $5 900.

In 2015 Jeep Patriot had a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price starting at $16 895, but it offered no power windows or air conditioning. $26 895 could buy you a new fully equipped Jeep Patriot 4×4 in the Limited version. Now, the price is as low as $5 500.

The FWD Jeep Patriot in 2016 started at $17 695 MSRP, offering barely any additional comforts. The 4×4 Jeep Patriot Latitude went for $25 595 loaded with everything available for this model. At the moment, one can buy a 2016 Jeep Patriot for $6 795.

In 2017 Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price for the Jeep Patriot without much anything was  $18 040. An all high for the Patriot without any special additions.

The more loaded Latitude version went for $25 840. Now $7 975 would buy you a second-hand Jeep Patriot.

We scoured the market a little to find out the minimum and maximum prices for each year of used Jeep Patriots to make it more detailed. The prices we found depend on the trim and the condition of the vehicle and are more or less average.

Used Jeep Patriot Market Price

YearPrice FromPrice To
2007$4 290$8 140
2008$1 900$9 350
2009$2 100$10 560
2010$2 900$9 240
2011$2 900$13 310
2012$4 599$14 520
2013$5 995$14 080
2014$5 900$14 960
2015$5 500$20 240
2016$6 795$22 440
2017$7 975$24 860

Do Jeep Patriots Have a Lot of Problems Because of Cheap Price?

As a cheaply-made vehicle, the Patriot is bound to have problems. 

The overheating transmission at around 45 000 miles would be one of the problems in the 2010 and 2011 models. The transmission would also often emit whining noises, and gears would start to grind and slip.

Another somewhat annoying problem is the water leaking into the cabin. In the 2015 year model, the water starts filling your cabin after only 7 000 miles. It will often lead to other problems, like rotten subframes or interior damage.

In the 2014 model, the electrical issues and seizing up the engine would be rather serious and troublesome, alongside the poor paint job (which is also very common for other years). 

On top of that, the small engine feels rather sluggish, not producing enough power for the 4WD versions. The hard plastic of the dashboard is prone to cracking under sun exposure.

Is The Jeep Patriot a Good Vehicle For the Cheap Price?

The Jeep Patriot is an overall good vehicle for the price tag

Many people complained about this Jeep model, but there was never a vehicle without fault, and therefore Patriot should not be shunted too much.

By buying Jeep Patriot, you can get a compact SUV for a low price that will take you to work and the shopping mall during the week and to a remote campsite by the lake on the weekends. The Freedom Drive II trim will even take you up the mountain if you wish. 

It won’t probably compare to the more expensive and luxurious Jeep models, like the most popular Wrangler or even Grand Cherokee, but it is still incredible off-road for the price you pay.

If you don’t mind the manual gearbox, it will be a more reliable option than the CVT. It will also be an even cheaper one to purchase, and you can also save more fuel. 


Jeep fans have mixed feelings about Jeep Patriot because it is a cheap vehicle and maybe not as sturdy as other Jeep models but to each their own.

Jeep Patriot is cheap because of the materials used, lack of luxury, and smaller engine, yet it has a lot of fans because of its price. On top of that, it is a good enough vehicle for light off-roading.

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