7 Jeep Patriot Hidden Features You Didn’t Know About

Jeep Patriots may no longer be in production but owners of this once iconic compact cross-over SUV still continue to find new surprises in their Patriots to this day.

Apparently, this sports utility vehicle is chock-full of surprises that leave even the oldest Jeep owners didn’t previously know about. Own a Patriot, yourself? Read on and you just might learn a thing or two. 

What are the Jeep Patriot’s Hidden Features?

Jeep Patriot was a very popular choice of SUV during its time. They were incredibly reliable and had low to average ownership costs that made them extremely appealing for off-roaders on a budget.

To add to that, it seemed almost as if the Jeep Patriot was the gift that kept on giving as unsuspecting long-term owners continued to find little hidden gems stowed away in this amazing vehicle.

Tailgate Handle

This might not be as impressive as the other things that are found in this list, but there is actually a hidden hole fit for your hand located right below your tailgate. 

This little cubby located in the bottom right corner was made so that you could stick your hand in there and close the tailgate with a little bit more ease. 

Hidden Speakers

7 Jeep Patriot Hidden Features

If you’re someone who likes to take a party to the road, you’re going to love the hidden speakers that are found in the back of the Jeep Patriot.

These speakers are usually found mounted on the tailgate and offer loud, high quality sounds that are great for outdoor parties, camping, or whatever reason you may have to want to blast cool tunes.

Built-in Security System

A security system is not included in the features or options for a Jeep Patriot so many owners have been led to believe that this SUV does not have one only to find out later (after accidentally triggering it) that it has an incredibly sensitive security system with an alarm that’s pretty hard to miss.

The Jeep Patriot has a built-in (and apparently secret) security system that detects any attempts to come into your locked car.

It is so sensitive that even the act of unlocking your door manually with a key or walking by its open car window can trigger the alarm. 

To add to its sophistication, it even has indoor motion sensors that detect any movement coming from the inside the car after you’ve already gone and locked it.

Sensitivity of the sensors vary from car to car. Some appear to be equipped with extremely sensitive sensors while others have less sensitive sensors which prevent false alarms. 

To turn off the alarm, simply unlock the Jeep Patriot or attempt to start the car by putting the key in the ignition. 


7 Jeep Patriot Hidden Features

One nifty hideaway feature of the Jeep Patriot is the flashlight stashed in the trunk of the car. It’s a removable, rechargeable flash light conveniently mounted in the rear dome light of the cargo area for easy access.

The flashlight operates on a three-press switch. In order to turn it on, you just need to press the switch one time.

It will automatically turn on in high brightness but if you want to dim the lights, all you need to do is press the switch a second time. To turn it off, press the switch a third time.

Another great thing about this flashlight is that it turns itself off automatically if you stop using it. On average, it turns itself off after 5 minutes preserving your battery and ensuring you get a longer use out of a full charge.

A red LED light is located on the side to indicate its battery level. A steady red would mean sufficient battery while blinking means it’s time to charge it.

Headlight Timer Function

Speaking of things turning off automatically, another thing that not many people know about their Jeep Patriot is that its headlights operate on a timer system.

If you turn your engine off and leave your headlights on for some reason, they automatically turn off after a period of time.

It is estimated that they turn off after around 5 minutes and leave only your parking lights on thus preserving energy.

This feature could be a lifesaver for those times you forget to turn your headlights off and can save your car a ton of energy thus preventing your car battery from completely getting drained.

Storage Expansions

7 Jeep Patriot Hidden Features

Of course, when you think of SUVs space-wise, you’d expect to have a wide amount of space to store anything you may need to bring with you.

However, there are multiple “secret” compartments and tricks you can make use of if you need a little bit more space. 

For one, behind the spare tire of your Jeep Patriot, you can find a molded black area where you can store a whole load of things.

However, if you do put items here, make sure that you don’t mind them getting a little dusty as this space is prone to collecting dust.

Another way you can widen up the space, specifically in the back, is by removing the side panels to open up a larger area for placing your things in. 

If you don’t have a subwoofer, you can also make use of the space it was meant to be in for small items such as towels, jumper cables, or whatever you might need.

Heat Ducts

For those living in extremely cold environments, getting heating to be equally distributed well enough to keep everyone warm can be a challenge. However, this is not the case for the Jeep Patriot because of its heat ducts.

Not everyone knows or has this in their Jeep Patriot, but f you look under the front seat, you’d be surprised to see heat ducts blowing up warmth to the back of the car. 

This is great for backseat passengers traveling through cold areas as it ensures equal distribution of warmth throughout the car. And the best thing? No cold feet!

There might even be a few sockets located there to plug in seat warmers for those especially long, cold rides.


The S in SUV does not only stand for “sports” when you’re talking about the Jeep Patriot. It might as well also stand for “surprise” due to its many fun hidden features.

Aside from being an extremely capable vehicle both on and off the road, owners are sure to enjoy exploring, finding, and toying with its many “secrets.”

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