24 Jeep Wrangler Storage Mods You Need to Know About

The Jeep Wrangler has a multitude of aftermarket storage mods. Throughout history, the Jeep JK has had the biggest aftermarket supply for any vehicle.

Though the Jeep Wrangler has listless gains to it, one major drawback is its lack of storage space. The Wrangler’s storage capacity is extremely limited and owners are constantly looking for smart storage options in the market. Choosing a few among the sea of storage modifications available for the Wrangler is not easy at all.

Every pick allows the owner to customize their jeep according to their personality more and more with every upgrade. Each passing day, there’s a new Wrangler mod that enters the market but not all are useful and fully worth the price.

So we’ve made it all neat and summarized for you to make clever choices among the top 25 Jeep Wrangler storage mods to increase storage space and style simultaneously. All mods have been explained using one top-rated brand that is selling it. But that doesn’t mean those are the only options. You will see a lot more brands for the same mod anyway!

Passenger Area Storage Mods

Underseat Storage Organizer

Underseat organizer makes optimal use of your vehicle’s interior space without giving it an odd look. This RoughRider under seat organizer is a great mod to fill up that bare space under the seat. One vivid problem with soft top and top-off jeeps is that you have very limited usable safe storage space. These types of underseat boxes give you just that space to store things of high monetary value or heavyweight.

Center Console Lock Box

The security added console lockbox from Bestop gives you a reasonable amount of space right at your hand to lock valuables out of harm’s way. It has openings for factory electrical plugs and USB ports too. Thus, it does not interfere with your seat adjustment and plug points. It comes fully secured with a high-tech, pick-resistant lock, and 2 keys. Made from 16 gauge carbon steel, this is your out-and-out protection spot for concealing your phone, wallet, etc.

Armrest Storage Box

This is an attachable box that you can fit on the center console armrest within just seconds. You can place your quick grab-n-go items in this holding conveniently. It is designed to fit the arc of the Jeep Wrangler’s armrest box. Also, it does not affect the opening and closing of the console box either. This accessory is mainly for placing lightweight items such as cards, chargers, and handheld tools.

Front Door Pocket with Cup Holder

Another accessory that enables you to store items light in weight right next to you is this door pocket with a single cup holder. This is made from high-quality ABS material to ensure a better grip on the bases. It is a great replacement mod for the net door pockets that JKs have. Place your cup in its place and you still have some extra space to put sachets, pills, or pamphlets in the same pocket. This takes only about a few seconds to install – no drill.

Passenger Grab Tray

One similar mod with even more space is a grab tray. This is already a common accessory in most vehicles. If you’re worried about securing your phone in a tight space without the rattling noise of it while conquering trails, this can be a slick new addition to the door. It’s a no-drill installation, a close fit mod to store keys, power banks, coins, or pretty much anything that can fit in it.

Overhead Cargo Net 

The Yabcany mil-spec mesh overhead net is unlike any other cargo nets out there. The sticker price is also totally worth the quality it and comfort it gives. It has a double layer standard polyester nylon mesh and can be installed under 5 minutes by connecting the snaps to the top of the Jeep’s interior. You can use this overhead net to store all your lightweight accessories like blankets, rainwear, sleeping bag, jackets, and more. And the best thing is that it never bumps into anyone’s head as it is fully adjustable too.

Grab Handle Bag

While offroading, you’ll most probably need a small bag to carry all the immediate essentials when out of the vehicle. This grab handle bag can be simply attached to the passenger seat grab bar using the Velcro hook and loop straps to hold on to anything you place in it – but not overweight. The installation isn’t that complicated too. The bolt-on installation is super quick and it also comes in 4 stunning colors.

Saddle Bag

There’s this one (or two) side spaces on vehicles waiting to be gradually filled with trash or tiny items. Make full use of that side space between the rear seat and deck by adding a saddle bag. Saddle bags were specially designed for jeepers who have very limited space. Each bag measures 32″ x 12″ x 6″ – just enough to fill the little nooks of empty space in your Jeep.

Back Seat Organizer

A worthy low-cost alternative to Molle panels is this KNGUVTH back seat organizer. With Molle panels, you can’t really store drinks or snacks but this back seat organizer has separate mesh pouches too for storing snacks and edibles. This way you can get some additional space to keep the things which can’t be left lying around messily. It also keeps the passengers occupied with things throughout the journey. All the Jeeps owners traveling with kids may find this really handy to keep them nice and busy.

Overhead Console

The Smittybilt G.E.A.R overhead console is such a cool mod that Overlanders cannot miss. This accessory is made of 3/16 inch steel plate, 600D polyester, and PVC liner. You can simply attach this to your jeep’s roll cage and store a good volume of materials in there. It has 6 size varying pouches and 6 different compartments.

Cargo Area Storage Mods

Locking Cubby Cover

This Cubby Cover is more of a replacement for the factory-made one which is too flimsy for withstanding rough Overland terrain. This highly functional, secured Cubby Cover made from 16 gauge steel is perfectly capable of locking all your most valuable things in one place. This USA-made product has a waterproof design to remain durable under any condition.

Security Deck Enclosure

Though the security deck enclosure may seem a little pricey, don’t jump to conclusions as it’s one of the safest storage mods you can get for your Jeep Wrangler – especially if it’s an open one. It has Tuffy’s exclusive security system that works in coordination with the Jeep’s locking mechanism to auto-disable the tailgate’s locks 16 seconds (approx) after locking the vehicle. The large size enables you to have slightly more than 20 000 cubic inches of lockable space. Easy no-drill installation process and quick no-tool lid removal as and when required.

Smittybilt G.E.A.R Tailgate Cover

It’s easy to get very creative with Jeep’s tailgate storage solutions. And this one is probably the most popular of them all. The Smittybilt G.E.A.R Tailgate Cover consists of inter-changeable MOLLE storage bags with 6 pouches. These bags made from 600 denier polyester is a quick-reach alternative for your most used utilities and tools. You get to choose from bold, slick colors to match your Jeep Wrangler. It features military grade stitching quality and it is great for adding some extra storage and giving your vehicle a warped look.

Cargo Interior Rack 

Optimize your Jeep’s cargo space height by adding this Hooke Road interior rack to it. This simply turns your rear into a double-deck cargo area. And that means almost double the space too. You can also easily remove it if larger items are to be kept in place of it. It has a 16 gauge CNC punched steel metal design and aluminum coated slats, which enables it to hold up to 300 lbs of weight evenly. The installation process takes less than an hour or so and you’ve just got twice the space as before. It also holds the cargo below tight straps in case of any collisions or rollovers.

Lockable Cargo Drawer 

Another popular option among overlanders is cargo drawers. This modification makes the storage space easily accessible and provides high security with its key lock feature. That defines that things can be moved around more conveniently as it’s the same type of drawers we use at home. Though pricey, it does hold its value well as it’s designed with an anti-rattle implementation for both on road and off road driving. It is durable enough to mount a freezer on top of it with no dents. With the 330 lbs load capacity per drawer and a total of 660lbs with both drawers combined, you can pretty much store anything and everything in it.

Tailgate Table

Another unique upgrade is the mounted tailgate table. This is a great storage choice for carrying out your cooking utilities in a neat and organized way. This tailgate table can hold 75 lbs of weight at a time and is anti-rust and anti-corrosive too. Once done, you can fold it up again in seconds. This is a must-have mod for overlanders as cooking in the wild can get very messy indeed.

Locking Utility Box

Having all the tools stored in a compact and safe space is such a relief for drivers – especially the smaller tools. However, to keep them “well-organized” also, is a whole new feeling of satisfaction. This Rampage tool box does just the thing by providing enough space for any type of small-sized handheld tool. It’s made of 14 gauge heavy-duty steel and has a locking lid also. Getting your tools in order will definitely clear up space for more interior storage space.

Rooftop Storage Mods

Roof Rack

We all already know that this is a mandatory mod for every overlander. In terms of expanding the vehicle’s storage space, this does just the job by giving you a large space capacity to haul heavy cargo bags and overlanding equipment. This sturdy product from EAG is secured with clamps, mounting brackets and hinge brackets. It also features a unique air deflector which minimized empty clattering noise and wind noise constantly. You can install this to the Jeep’s rooftop bolt-on, no drilling is required. All this put together, you’ve just got your jeep a sturdy roof rack that you can rely on to haul even the heaviest loads without a stutter.

Mesh Roof / Cargo Net Hammock

The mesh roof or cargo net hammock is yet another cheap but amazing storage mod you’re ought to have. You can stretch and fit this over the cargo area’s roll bars or roof top as per your liking. Though the company specifies 220 lbs as the maximum weight, some reviews show that the high quality Velcro has the capability to hold over 370 lbs of weight! That means that you can either carry cargo or even yourself on the hammock. No tosses or turns. Not just that, you can use it however you’d like – as a pet barrier, cargo net, roof net but no, not as an overhead net because it is not designed for that purpose.

Rooftop Cargo Carrier

In case you haven’t bought the right roof rack for your jeep, you do have another way round. You can go for this much cheaper cargo carrier that costs only $82.97. It has a military grade Nylon Cordura fabric waterproof design and a storage space of 16 cu – that’s almost equal to a Sedan trunk. It can be fitted with or without a roof rack using its Duraflex buckles and high friction mat. But for no roof rack fitting, you’ll need to buy separate door hooks. With such roof bags, you can keep your cargo dry and free up tons of interior space too.

External Storage Mods

Hitch Mounted Cargo Rack/Basket

This upgrade can be attached to the exterior of a tailgate without any drilling. It is a clever supplementary jeep storage solution that can hold up to 75 lbs of cargo. As long as the tires don’t go above 37 inches, you can have your luggage, jack, or anything you’d like on this EAG product.

XHD Storage Bumper Ends

Beef up your Jeep’s front lock while increasing your storage space with these bumper ends. Add these stainless steel aluminum or standard carbon steel made (according to material preference) to your bumper and store gears in them. And no, these heavy-duty bumpers are not affected by mud or mushy terrain as they are tightly fitted to endure such. Also, you’ve got 60 different customization options to choose from. This is a great storage-cum-style accessory for any Jeep Wrangler.

Spare Tire Bag

For any off-roader or overlander, leaving behind trash in the open is a big no-no. Of course, you can’t keep them close to your clean accessories too. The most efficient way to make space for waste storage is by adding a spare tire trash bag. This heavy-duty, waterproof 16oz canvas trash carrier holds up to 50+ lbs easily. This PVS reinforced base bag has 6 wide straps and buckles to keep it tight and secure even at high speeds.

Off-Road Jack and Accessory Mount

The question of where to store the jack and shovel is confusing and frustrating for many. It’s heavy and you can’t go without it either. One way to escape this is by getting a good jack and shovel mount. This mount can be swiftly fitted onto any sturdy base of your Jeep interior or exterior. Though it may seem a little expensive for a few pieces of metal, it does save a lot of stress from managing those heavy tools.


That’s about it. As you can see, several prominent companies like Rugged Ridge, Bestop, Smittybilt, etc. love building storage modifications and upgrades for the Wrangler. If you’d like to increase the Jeep’s storage space, it can be done in every possible way and this is an example of that.

So there will be no more a thing as “limited” storage capacity in your Jeep Wrangler. This list is just the scratch of the surface to give you a clear idea of all the places you can optimize to enhance space. All these mods can brighten your overall driving and camping experience, just like that.

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