2020 Power Wagon off-road review

The off-road ride is not for the faint-hearted. It does not need class; it requires grit and grunt. 

The Power Wagon is not your everyday ride. Granted, it gets you from one point to another and does all the stuff that standard vehicles do. 

However, the Power Wagon offers what it needs to drive seamlessly through thick and thin. It is a vehicle for the adventurers at heart, fond of wandering through the wilderness, and driving for the thrill. 

Created for military use by Dodge in the war era. The vehicle is currently used as a three-quarter-ton heavy-duty truck specialized for off-road purposes. 

Like all heavy-duty trucks, the vehicle is costly, making it unaffordable to most people. Nevertheless, the Power Wagon has several attractive features that make it worth the price tag of over $65,125. 

Roll up your sleeves to get into the nitty-gritty of the Power Wagon to understand why it is considered an excellent off-road and overland truck.


Although it is made specifically for off-road, the Power Wagon is a beauty to behold. When driving this truck, you will get noticed due to outstanding features such as the big badges, huge black grille, and an impressive bed banner. 

The vehicle’s windows are tinted, and its headlamps are automatic. 

The tires used in this vehicle are the Goodyear Wrangler Dura Track ® model, robust and suited for off-road driving. 

The interior is also designed in an elegant manner, which is not often the case for most trucks. The design is beautifully crafted to create a luxurious interior, with bucket-like front seats, whereby the middle seat is a dual-depth console. Moreover, there is an option to enhance the interior through such additions as ventilated seats, power-adjustable pedals, and leather upholstery. 

In terms of size, the Power Wagon is an oversized truck. This implies that although it is made for the rough, it cannot take you through narrow trails because of its immense size. 

Needlessly to say, this huge truck has a massive storage capacity comprising of under-dash bins, two gloveboxes, bins under the rear floor, and extensive cargo volume on the bed. 

However, one can increase the storage capacity by purchasing a RamBox. It comprises two compartments on the beds’ sides, although this eats up some of the room on the bed.

Engine Capacity

When you want to wander off to un-named destinations, what you need is a strong engine, not just any set of wheels. The Ram 2500 Power Wagon is a 2020 model that owes its power to the engine, a 6.4L V8 with 429 lb-ft of torque, and 410 horsepower. 

The Power Wagon saves up on energy due to the cylinder deactivation that ensures whenever the amount of energy needed is minimal, as is the case at low speeds, half of the engine is shut off. Thus, the Power Wagon is effective in fuel consumption, despite its huge engine. 

The Power Wagon offers a smooth ride without unnecessary jerking due to its soft throttle response. Moreover, the vehicle offers a seamless ride due to its active noise control system. 

Nevertheless, the ride off-road is not as comfortable as that on-road, and the truck’s fuel consumption is a little bit on the higher side. 

Towing Capacity

The Ram 2500 Power Wagon is a strong 4X4 with an impressive towing capacity of 10,350 lbs, thanks to its massive weight and size. 

Moreover, Ram includes power-adjustable spotter mirrors with flat and convex lenses, making it easier and convenient to tow. 

The quality suspension of the vehicle plays a significant role in enhancing its towing capacity. However, a limiting factor is the lack of a diesel engine option.

Off-Road Capacity

Ram makes its Power Wagon model specifically for the off-road, equipped with functional off-road equipment such as the electric Warn winch and towing hooks. 

Features responsible for efficiency on the rough include its five-link coil suspension. This coil design is preferable to the spring suspension because they are more robust and create less friction. Additionally, the machine has rear and front locking differentials, a feature that ensures all the wheels receive equal torque. Furthermore, the rear axle acts like a limited-slip when unlocked. This makes it an excellent off-road machine, although it is a disadvantage for daily use. 

Another feature that makes Power Wagon good at off-roading is the sway bar, which increases the vehicle’s stability when manipulating tight corners by decreasing the front axle’s articulation. Moreover, the sway bar is electric, and it can be disconnected manually, although it connects automatically when the speed exceeds 18 mph.

Overlanding Capacity

Overlanding is what gets you to your dream destination, even when that destination is the remotest region on earth. To achieve this goal, you need a travel partner in the form of an overlander. The right vehicle can smoothen the adventure for you due to its resilience, giving you room to enjoy the ride. 

Enter the four-wheel drives, and the travel scene has never been the same again. 

The prowess of the Power Wagon is unmatched in its Overlanding capacity. As shown above, the vehicle has unique features that make it an excellent off-road ride. Specifically, the components responsible for the Power Wagon’s Overlanding capacity include the 6.4 L Hemi, the disconnecting sway bar, and the locking differentials. 

Moreover, the navigation, heated steering wheel, and leather seats can be heated or cooled to contribute to the vehicle’s Overlanding comfort. In addition to these features, one can upgrade the vehicle by adding an expedition-style bed rack on the bed of the truck and a roof-top tent. 

One can also add a camper to the vehicle’s back for increased storage space to make the truck ideal for Overlanding purposes. 


In brief, the Power Wagon is unmatched in its overland and off-road capacity. The vehicle is built for power and resilience, as reflected through its design and engine specifications. When you need to take that break from the ordinary and drive into the unknown, be sure that the Power Wagon got your back. For Overlanding purposes, you may need to add a few modifications to harness the truck’s full potential.

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