Top 5 Overlanding Trailers

If you have ever gone on Off-Roading or Overlanding, you most probably have used a trailer. 

Almost everyone has come across a trailer at one moment in their life. You may have seen it in the neighborhood or even in your favorite movie. If you have not encountered it anywhere, well, don’t worry. This article has you covered.

From the word trail, you can almost create a mental picture of what a trailer is. It is a non-automotive vehicle hauled by another vehicle and serves as a makeshift room/house or other purposes like offering a transport means to luggage. 

Like the Overlanding vehicles, these trailers are made from hardened and durable metal and a set of quality wheels that can traverse rugged terrain with the utmost ease. 

Trailers are an essential inclusion in Off-Roading activities as you might have to spend your night on the outside, watching the stars. 

Trailers differ from one another in several aspects. Even when their nature is almost the same, one distinguishing factor will lead you to choose one over the other. 

Before showing you some of the best off-road trailers you can use for your Overlanding expedition, we can look at the three main types of campers we will be discussing. 

Overlanding trailers are primarily categorized into three types; soft floor trailers, hard floor trailers, and hybrid trailers. 

Trailer Types

Soft floor trailers fold out to form a tent. They are relatively lighter than the other campers and provide a large living space than the hard floor variants. Owing to their design, they will take longer to set up as you have to unfold several parts of the trailer to make room for a couple of people to reside. However, these trailers come with fewer amenities and are relatively more challenging to clean than the other variants. 

Hard floor trailers, on the other hand, operate like the conventional pop-top caravans. They involve popping out of the edges of the trailer to create habitable space. As opposed to soft floor trailers, they are easy to set-up as well as clean. Moreover, hard floor trailers feel safer and weather-resistant, owing to their design. However, these trailers are heavy to pull along and don’t have much sleeping capacity. That shortcoming makes them appropriate for use by couples and small families that don’t need that much space. 

Hybrid trailers are modern-type trailer caravans produced to offer a more executive experience than the other two variants. They offer almost all the amenities you would require to feel at home while providing you the security you need to spend a night in the outdoors. Owing to their design, they require you to dig deeper into your pockets when making a purchase. 

Having looked at that, I can now show you some of the best off-road trailers.

  • Moab Fort XL
  • Tomahawk Eagle Camper
  • Hiker Off-Road Deluxe
  • Black Series Alpha Camper
  • Oregon Trail’R Do-Drop

Moab Fort XL

The MOAB XL Trailers Fort is a budget trailer. Most off-roaders mostly prefer it because it offers more than the average qualities of an Overlanding trailer at a relatively lower price. Its interior storage space is about 40.9 cubic feet, and with the ability to choose how your rooftop will look like, this trailer will be just perfect for anyone running on a tight budget. You will also get the freedom to add other inclusions to the trailer to make it more efficient and convenient to your needs.

Tomahawk Eagle Camper

The Tomahawk Eagle is a largely-spaced off-roading trailer that can serve a large number of people comfortably. It offers a wide variety of accessories that can be used for your camping expedition. With the possibility of comfortably accommodating two queen-sized beds, you can freely welcome several friends to come and enjoy some precious moments out of town. The trailer is large enough to accommodate a plethora of useful appliances. You will be amazed by how the trailer spreads out to give you a perfect home in the woods. The trailer is light and easy to tow in rough terrain.

Hiker Off-Road Extreme

This trailer is available in three variants that vary significantly in size and price. With diamond-plated fenders and dropdown legs, the Hiker trailer provides executive comfort, support, and safety. It has quality and thick tires that are perfect for Overlanding activities. Among other inclusions, you will get to use a door, windows, and a spacious ‘room’ that will make you feel at home. This ready-to-customize trailer comes with some cool features, including a 110-volt rated power strip for lighting. Otherwise, you can spend an extra coin, and the brand will be more than willing to customize the trailer to your liking.

Black Series Alpha Camper

This Australian-made trailer offers you executive comfort and style from its top-notch design. With a 12-foot tent attached to it, this spacious trailer harbors all the essential features you could probably wish to have. Moreover, the Black Series Alpha is hard enough to withstand physical damages that might arise when traversing the rough terrain. You can add your preferred add-ons for a more comfortable experience. Even when fully loaded, this trailer poses the utmost stability and won’t endanger your off-roading maneuvers.

Oregon Trail’R Do-Drop

The Oregon Trail’R is a budget-friendly trailer that is simple, compact, and light. The trailer tows effortlessly across rough terrain and is mostly resistant to physical tear. The inside is spacious enough to house two people comfortably. With the available inclusions that it comes with, you can comfortably make yourself at home. Nonetheless, it won’t cost you much for the addition of extra features. 

In light of the above, the best way to enjoy your off-road trip and still have a feel-at-home experience, trying out a trailer, will be most recommendable. 

With any of the Overlanding trailers mentioned above, you are set to receive some unforgettable moments of camping in the woods. Don’t forget to choose your trailer wisely and perform regular maintenance practices to keep your trailer in the best condition possible.

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