Best Dash Cams Under $100

Dashboard cameras have been increasingly gaining popularity among drivers in the past decade. If I were to describe a dash camera, I would describe it as a camera attached to the dashboard of your vehicle that is tasked with the responsibility of recording pictures and videos while you drive. 

More modernized dash cams can record both the interior and exterior of your car, unlike the conventional ones that are used to record from one direction. 

Dashboard cameras have various uses, depending on the time of recording and the intention for setting the camera on your dash. For instance, the more-generalized models of dash cams can be used for various purposes, like acting as sources of evidence in the case of an accident, or for use as a parking aid. 

On the other hand, off-roaders use dash cams to capture moments along the trails, among other personal interests. 

Getting a dash-cam gives you ample time to concentrate on wheeling.

Dash cameras, just like any other video-recording cameras, come in various forms that offer varied capabilities in terms of the output received. This article has decided to take all the factors and rank the best dash cameras considering their price. 

Occasionally, you may run on a low budget, but the zeal for off-roading can’t allow your exciting trip to go unrecorded. What do you do? Here are the best Dash Cameras under $100.

  1. HaHoco Dash Cam
  2. Kingslim D4 Dash Cam
  3. Vanture N2S Dual Dash Cam
  4. Chortau Dual Dash Cam
  5. Byakov Dash Camera

HaHoco Dash Camera

The HaHoco is a 1080p Dash Camera used by Off-roaders to record the thrilling experiences in their off-roading expeditions. 

Fitted with a 3-inch LCD screen that displays in crisp (1080p) resolution, you can have a good view of replays. Moreover, since all action does not occur on the front of your truck, the HaHoco’s cup holder can rotate at 360-degrees to offer you a multi-directional view. 

Under low light conditions, especially during the night, the HaHoco camera enables HDR and WDR technology that offers artistic-quality and steady images and videos. Yeah, you don’t even need to get lights on to obtain a color-accurate image. 

This Goodse camera can also serve as a parking monitor. Rarely will you need to be careful while parking in the woods, but you could use the camera not to hit that tree while on reverse mode? The HaHoco Dash Cam is fitted with a G-Sensor that automatically detects shakes and collisions within your movement and automatically locks the video recording to provide concrete proof of the accident at a later time.

With the camera’s loop-record feature, you can no longer worry about disk space as new videos are automatically over-written over old ones. However, in an accident, the locked videos recorded cannot be overwritten after that unless deleted by the owner.


  • Fitted with a G-sensor that automatically detects shaking and locks video recording
  • Acts as a parking assistant
  • Provides crystal clear vision during the day and night
  • The camera is easy to install and use


  • No IR-based night vision
  • Suction of the mount is not the best

Kingslim D4 Dash Cam

How about a dash-cam that can record what’s happening to both your front and back? The Kingslim D4 can record what’s happening around your off-roader so that any moment doesn’t go unnoticed. That’s not all; the Kingslim offers you crisp 4K/2.5K resolution pictures and videos to get a clear visual whenever you pull back on the thrilling moments you had on that off-roading trip. With the addition of a 170-degree comprehensive FOV recording system, this camera can practically capture all that your eye can see at the front without falling for the fish-eye effect. That means that the objects’ size to your front will not be sacrificed to capture more detail. The camera has a fitted Sony STARVIS sensor that captures night moments just perfectly.

Kingslim has designed this camera to accommodate a 3-inch IPS touchscreen display that only gets friendlier with every menu it avails. Moreover, the camera is fitted with a GPS tracking device that shows your real-time location and even measures your off-roader’s speed. 

The camera can record video footage on a 24/7 basis unless you disable that feature in the settings. You don’t have to worry about disk space anymore as the Kingslim D4 is loop-recording enabled, meaning that it overwrites old footage at the expense of newer ones. The D4 is well known to work even under extreme weather conditions. 

There is much more to the video-recording that this camera has to offer. For instance, using the D4’s GPS and its compatibility with a mobile device, you can keep track as you off-road so that you don’t get lost. 

Moreover, the Kingslim D4 is fitted with a G-sensor and a collision detector that gets you covered in case of an accident. With the help of your mobile phone, you can download saved footage and share it with your fellow off-roading enthusiasts.


  • 4K video recording
  • Weatherproof front and rear cameras
  • Rear-view through the camera’s mobile app
  • Excellent IR night vision
  • The camera locks the current video recording in an emergency


  • Mounting the rear camera can be a little hectic

Vanture N2S Dual Dash Camera

This Vanture dash camera is a special camera that spots a smaller size than most ordinary dash cams in the market. However, there is nothing short of the ordinary that this camera can’t offer. 

This dash camera is as packed with features as the rest. For instance, with this camera, you get to enjoy dual HD video recording in quality 1080p and 720p resolutions. However, the display might be a little smaller than the rest as the camera possesses a 1.5-inch LCD. Nonetheless, this can be looked at as an advantage as its small size is less of an obstruction to viewing beautiful scenery from your dash during your off-roading expeditions. The Vanture also records audio. 

The mounting and overall set-up of the Vanture dash cam is easy, as its suction mount clicks right in without too much effort. The LCD is pretty much easy to operate, owing to the simplicity of the available options. The Vanture dash-cam is not left out in terms of technological advancements. 

With the integrated G-sensor, the camera instantly begins video recording after detecting a collision or instant emergency brakes. The video recorded after that is locked and cannot be erased or overwritten, as it can be used as evidence in the case of an accident. IR vision lights better the night vision capability of this camera, which results in recording high-quality videos.


  • Can be used as a parking monitor
  • Dual-recording
  • IR night vision
  • Loop recording
  • Easy to mount and operate


  • Small screen makes it harder to navigate the menu

CHORTAU Dual Dash Cam

The CHORTAU dash cam is a 3” dash camera that helps record your off-roading trips in crystal clear resolutions. The camera is full HD, with a 170-degree wide-angle feature that captures virtually everything in front of your dash. Moreover, this dash camera also records in a dual-mode that captures both the front and back of your off-roading truck. Unlike several other dash cams, the CHORTAU comes with an inbuilt Li-ion battery that can carry power for recording videos all day. 

This camera is also fitted with 6pcs of IR LED lights that bring about a super-clear night vision that gets you covered even in low-light conditions. The footage recorded during the day and night is all stored in a micro SD card for ease of access. The CHORTAU rear camera can be useful in reversing mode. Moreover, the rear camera is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about off-roading in swampy terrain. In an emergency, the camera’s G-sensor automatically enables a video recording that is locked from overwriting incase the resultant footage can be used as evidence somewhere. Sudden shakes or collisions trigger the G-sensor. For normal video-recording mode, newer videos overwrite old ones so you wouldn’t have to take your time clearing stuff from your storage.


  • G-sensor automatically records emergencies
  • Parking mode surveilance
  • Easy to install and use
  • Crystal clear day and night vision


  • The camera supports a maximum of 32GB SD cards

Byakov Dash Camera

The Byakov Dash Camera proves that you can put so much power into a tiny device. With this camera, you get to receive 1080p Full HD video coverage of your off-roading expedition. When you correctly set-up your camera at the dash, its 170-degree ultra-wide-angle vision can record all that meets the human eye from the front. Moreover, the resolution is crystal clear, and the farthest objects appear clear as well, without the fish-eye effect. 

The Byakov Dash Camera’s UI is friendly, and you’ll get everything done all by yourself in no time. Its installation is easy, too, as the camera needs to be attached anywhere on the dash on its adjustable mount. As said earlier, video recording is crisp and flawless. Surprisingly, night recording quality also cannot be compromised. The camera incorporates a Wide Dynamic Range with superb exposure balance to create the best night-video recording.

Just as the other dash cameras, video-recording is done in loop mode, where old videos are overwritten to create space for new content. That is done so that you don’t have to worry about freeing up disk space. However, there are situations where the videos cannot be automatically overwritten unless you delete them yourself. For instance, in the case of an emergency, the dash camera automatically detects shaking or collision and immediately starts recording video and locks it to prevent overwriting. 


  • G-sensor that automatically detects an emergency and starts a video recording session
  • Loop recording
  • High-quality videos day and night
  • Wide-angle recording


  • The camera only supports up to 64GB microSD


Those are the top 5 best dash cameras under $100 in the market right now. Don’t let your budget limit you in any way. As a tip, consider transferring the older off-roading videos to other external media to save them from getting overwritten.

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