Go Treads Review (Are they Worth Buying?)

It’s no secret that mud, rain, and snow are among a driver’s worst nightmares. These conditions make it extremely hard to maneuver a vehicle — that is, if you can even get it going.

To solve this, several products have been made to aid vehicles in gaining traction. An example of which is Go Treads. But does this product really get the job done?

Overview of Go Treads

Go Treads is a patented product designed to assist various vehicles to traction in snow, mud, sand, and other sticky situations.

It is basically a foldable mat that provides your vehicle something to grip on so that it may get out of whatever rut it is stuck in and move towards solid, gripping surface ground.

They are available in various sizes to cater to different car wheel diameters along with a special variation for motor or bike wheels.

What is There to Like About Go Treads?

Go Treads are a great product to have at the ready especially if you live in areas wherein the elements such as snow and rain tend to hinder your rides. 

Its continued popularity as a traction mat speaks volumes of its reliability and efficiency as a product. In fact, here is a list of items that people absolutely love about their Go Treads

Compact Design for Easy Storage

The Go Treads are foldable which make them really easy to store. To add to the ease in storage, they can also come in compact bags with handles so you can easily carry the around and keep them from sliding around wherever you may place them.

Multifunctional Foldable Design

The Go Tread has also been purposely designed to perform several functions aside from being a traction mat.

The more obvious purpose of Go Treads is its use as a traction mat. Basically, if you find yourself stuck in the snow, you place it on the ground directly under or as close as you can to your wheel and use it to gain traction until you can move to a safer, more stable location.

However, you can also fold up your Go Tread and use it as a leveling block to reduce tilting in vehicles parked in uneven surfaces.

Its foldable design also allows you to play around with it to create ramps, elevations, bridges, and more to get your car through some of the trickiest tracks, pits, and other similar situations.

Expandable Design

Go Treads are available in two designs: Standard and XL which vary in length so as to cater wheels with varying diameters.

Now, if you feel like you need a little bit more wiggle space, you  can actually clip an additional set of Go Treads to create a longer mat.

This allows you to generate more momentum to gain the traction that is required to actually get out of whatever condition you may be stuck in.


Despite its seemingly modest design, the Go Treads can actually withstand the weight of some of the heaviest cars and trucks out there.

This is largely due to the fact that they were constructed for military and fleet use. In fact, they were constructed to withstand weights of up to 50,000 pounds. That’s around 22680 kilograms!


In addition to its high quality performance, multi functionality, and great endurance levels, the Go Tread also saves you a lot of money by avoiding the use of roadside assistance and tow trucks.

Go Tread is also one of the more affordable choices for a traction mat in the market with retail prices beginning at 134 dollars for a single set for Go Treads and bundle packs retailing for around 159 to 550 dollars. (Based on Go Treads Official Website)

This is still a lot cheaper than other traction mats in the market which usually retail at more than double the price that Go Treads retails for.

Oh, and did we mention they come with a lifetime warranty?

What Do People Dislike About Go Treads?

Of course, no product is perfect and while Go Treads seems to hold up pretty well in general, it does have some areas where it can improve just a bit.

Can Slide Off of Wheels

While the foldable design allows for a lot of flexibility and creative space for you to create your own little “design” on what you need to get out of your situation, they can also be the reason that your Go Treads slide off of your wheels.

This is common in icy, cold terrains and while you can regroup and try again until it eventually works (which it usually does), it does waste precious time and defeats the purpose of having a traction mat.

May Require Additional Tools

One thing that people love about other traction mats in the market is that they can sometimes be used as a shovel to dig your tires out of snow, sand or whatever is covering your wheels.

However, Go Treads lack the durability and sturdy build to function as a shovel because of its foldable design. So, if you ever find yourself deep in a rut, you might need to break out a shovel which may take up a little bit more space in your car.

Verdict on Go Treads

Go Treads is still one of the best traction mats on the market and a must-have for anyone who drives in unconventional roads.

It is not only affordable, but it is also extremely easy to use. Its modular design can also allow you to expand or shorten your track to as long or as short as you need.

To top it all off, it doesn’t take much space and can be discreetly stored in various locations of your vehicle as opposed to other traction mats that require a lot of space.

While it may not be perfect, it does work for almost any situation and can be modified to adjust to whatever situation that you may find yourself in. 

In short, these things work. For real.

To top it all off, even though these traction mats are worth their weight in gold, they still come at affordable prices that won’t break the bank


Go Treads are a reliable brand that continues to deliver high-quality products. Time and time again, they have gotten many drivers out of the stickiest situations. Truly, many people see the value of this extremely efficient product as they remain one of the most popular choices of traction mats in the market.

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