How to Solve Your Overlanding Toilet Needs

Overlanding, camping and outdoor living can be loads of fun, there is something magical about being outdoors and living a primitive way of life. 

One of the trickier aspects of outdoor adventures is what to do when nature calls. This can often be an embarrassing topic but an extremely important one. 

Going to the loo is part of everyday life and something that one needs to consider if one wants to be living outdoors for extended periods. 

It is every outdoorsman/woman’s duty to dispose of human waste responsibly, not only for the surrounding wildlife and environment but also for fellow overlanders, campers and outdoor enthusiasts. 

It is important to respect nature, the natural water systems and locals who may be living in the same region.

Previously, the task of going for a poop in the wild was not only embarrassing but could also be quite uncomfortable. Fortunately for us manufacturers are creating some fantastic overland toilet solutions, not only is going to the loo significantly more convenient, it is loads more comfortable too. 

Let’s take a look at some of the Overland Toilets that are currently available, where to poop when Overlanding, and a guide on how to go to the toilet when Overlanding.

Where to poop when Overlanding?

When going to the loo in the outdoors, it is important to follow the “Leave No Trace” principle. It is so easy for guys to forget this, especially when there are large amounts of alcohol involved. 

When you eventually leave your campsite, there must be no trace of human or other waste.

It is highly recommended that when you arrive, you identify a spot that offers privacy for both yourself and other campers. Make sure this area is more than 200 feet from any type of natural water system, trail or campsite, and dig yourself a cat hole. 

This is a primitive way of waste extraction, but if done correctly can be effective and hygienic. 

Check for soil that is loosely compacted, this will make the exercise of digging much easier. Once you have finished doing your business, you can cover the hole and waste with soil and leaves. This will ensure there are no smelly odors, which can disturb fellow campers and attract unwanted wildlife and pests.

Types of Overlanding Toilets  

Outdoor toilets have evolved considerably in recent times, this evolution allows overlanders, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts some comfort out in the wild when nature calls. They are also convenient and offer numerous ways to dispose of human waste when done.

There are five basic designs of outdoor toilets:

Bucket Toilet – This one of the simplest outdoor toilets available and also the most budget-friendly. They are quite effective though and also relatively easy to transport and clean. 

A Bucket Toilet consists of a plastic 5-gallon bucket with a comfortable toilet seat. The liner fits inside the bucket and the toilet seat fits snuggly onto the rim of the bucket for additional stability. 

The handle of the bucket can be used to house your toilet paper. Once you have done your business, it is good practice to throw a scoop of gelling powder into your liner before disposing of it. 

There are pre-made options of Bucket toilets available but they can also be easily made at home. The pre-made options cost about the same as the home-made version, but it will save you time by simply purchasing one.


  • This system offers less comfort when compared to foldable and portable toilets
  • The five-gallon bucket will need to be replaced periodically as the side walls will eventually become soft and fail
  • The seat can be used on numerous buckets
  • Need to use garbage liners

Bucket and Tripod Toilet – This design is extremely popular amongst outdoor enthusiasts. It features a modern and comfortable toilet seat that fits on to a stainless steel or aluminum frame. 

This frame is portable, collapsible and can be used for multiple applications including storage, a chair or a garbage bin. Once the frame is erected, a bucket with an inner liner can be placed directly underneath your comfy toilet seat. 

When you are done toss in some gelling powder, remove and seal the liner and dispose of it responsibly. These types of outdoor toilets are quite affordable and offer significant levels of convenience and comfort when Overlanding in remote areas.


  • Less Comfort
  • Need to use garbage liners

Portable Toilet – Portable Toilets are offering more luxury, comfort and convenience to overlanders and campers, than ever before. They offer sturdy and durable designs, combined with a bunch of modern technology. 

They don’t require power, are easy to clean and can be easily transported. 

They have innovative features like flushing pistons, air vents, double seals and waste level indicators. The tray can be easily removed for clean and effortless removal of human waste while some options feature a waste outlet valve.


  • Significantly heavier than the other models
  • Expensive

Cassette Toilet – These types of toilets are also known as Chemical Toilets. Cassette Toilets are almost identical to the toilets that you have at home. Instead of the waste going into the sewerage system, with Cassette Toilets the waste is flushed into a black tank positioned below.


  • Expensive
  • Complex System to install

Composting Toilets – Composting Toilets are effective in keeping odor to a minimum, the waste is conveniently separated into solid and liquid waste. 

Using a lever, you can use a liquid diverter to divert liquid waste to a frontal bottle. By moving the lever in the opposite direction, solid waste will fall directly into the composting bin.

  • Expensive

Best Overland Toilets

Tuff Stuff Overland Portable Camping Toilet 

This is a great Overlanding accessory and will certainly make your camping trip more comfortable. The Tuff Stuff Overland Portable Camping toilet is a 5 Gallon Flushable Outdoor Toilet with TS-Toilet-5. 

For additional convenience, it features a Waste Level Indicator with an innovative Quick Release Separation Latch. Additional features include a Piston Pump for fast and fresh toilet refill and a 2.6-gallon capacity water tank. 

In terms of overland or camping toilets, this product exceeds most.

OOCOME Portable Folding Toilet 

The Portable Folding Toilet from OOCOME is seriously versatile, and a fantastic addition to your Overlanding arsenal. This product can be used for camping, hiking, road trips and in case of emergency. 

The clever design allows it to save space in your luggage, easily transported and easy to carry. This overland toilet offers a large Bearing Capacity and can easily stand the weight of a 150 kg adult. 

The OOCOME Portable folding Toilet can be completely covered with a garbage bag. This means that you don’t need to clean up any waste when you are done, and simply replacing the garbage bag will take care of everything. 

The multi-functional design results in a versatile product, this outdoor toilet can also be used as a small stool, indoor toilet for the elderly, storage box, trash can and vomiting bucket. 

It is made from premium-quality density board and quality waterproof Oxford cloth. This results in an outdoor toilet that is easy to clean, more sturdy, strong resistant to fall and completely waterproof.

KBNI Multi-Purpose Portable Folding Stool 

The KBNI Multi-Purpose Portable Folding Stool Seat is a cleverly designed product. It is collapsible for easy transportation and room-saving. 

This versatile Stool seat can be used as a toilet, garbage bin or simply a comfortable seat. The stainless steel frame is strong and lightweight and offers a carrying capacity of 330lb (150kg). 

The size of the seat is 16.2” x 15”, it is made from durable plastic and features an inner rim to neatly secure the waste bag in place. To maximize contact surface in harsh conditions, the legs are designed with an angled-downward design. 

This design spreads the weight efficiently and offers significant stability. Leading the way in environmental protection, every KBNI Multi-Purpose Portable Folding Stool Seat is sold with a roll of 15 quality garbage bags.

 For the price, this is a really good product. It can be used for Overlanding, camping, fishing, hiking and outdoor living.

Hike Crew Advanced Portable Toilet 

This toilet from Hike Crew is advertised as an Advanced Adult Portable Toilet, and they aren’t joking. 

This toilet doesn’t require a water source or power, which results in comfortable, stress-free camping, Overlanding, fishing, boating, hiking, long road trips with the family and outdoor adventures. 

The Hike Crew Advanced Portable Toilet weighs 12lb’s, offers a max bearing capacity of 441lb’s and a bowl size of 16.5” x 14.6” x 16.9”. High-Density Polyurethane limits damage from transporting and cleaning. 

This toilet offers a strong and durable double seal valve to prevent any unwanted leaks, with robust side latches to safely secure the tank to the toilet. 

The Hike Crew Advanced Portable Toilet features a super powerful piston, three directional T-Type flush with an easy splash-free emptying tube. 

The emptying tube rotates to ensure painless and effective disposal of the waste. This innovative flushing system allows up to 50 flushes in only one tank. 

It flushes with clean, fresh water and can accommodate liquid chemicals for aromatic air. Additional features include vent release, convenient level indicator, rotating spout and a hose that fits most sewer outlets for easy dumping.

This is a remarkable product and offers extreme convenience when Overlanding or camping.

Camco Portable Toilet Bucket 

The Camco Portable Toilet Bucket is a simpler form of outdoor toilets, not as luxurious but just as effective. 

With a five-gallon capacity, it is ideal for Overlanding, camping, hunting and hiking. It weighs just four pounds, is made from durable UV-resistant Polypropylene and includes a Seat and Lid attachment. 

This portable bucket toilet is easy to clean, lightweight and the seat snaps securely onto the rim of the bucket. It features a convenient handle for easy transportation.

A Guide to going to the toilet when Overlanding

This simple guide will let you know what to do when going to the toilet when Overlanding. 

It is important to reiterate the “Leave no Trace” principle. 

One of the primary objectives of this principle is to maintain high levels of hygiene. Maintaining acceptable levels of hygiene will prevent the spread of disease and bacteria amongst both animals and humans.

Find a suitable location - Find a private and secluded area that is more than 200 feet away from water systems, trails or the campsite.

Dig a Cat hole - Look for soft soil that might be easy to dig, this can be done with a small-sized spade or shovel. The cat hole should be around 8 inches deep and 8 inches x 8 inches wide. 

A cat hole should only be used once and each cat hole should be appropriately spaced apart. 

Once done, refill the cat hole with the original soil and cover it with leaves and branches. 

Don’t use a cat hole in areas that see high levels of human traffic, areas with animal and plant life and areas with sensitive soil composition. Also, avoid areas of high elevation and alpine trees.

Biodegradable Toilet Paper – Regular toilet paper will break down once buried in the cat hole, it is however good practice to use Biodegradable Toilet Paper as it decomposes at a much quicker rate.

Wash Hands Regularly – It is advisable to keep hand sanitizer close by and wash your hands regularly, particularly after going to the loo. This will reduce the spread of bacteria and germs.

Restricted Areas – Some areas have stricter regulations than others. If you find yourself in one of these then it is advisable to utilize a Wag Bag, foldable or portable toilet.

Wag Bag – A Wag Bag is a bag that you poop into, this bag can then easily be sealed and disposed of. Each kit includes a spill-proof resistant bag, antiseptic wipes, toilet paper and a liner bag. It contains non-toxic chemicals which absorb and neutralize solid human waste and odor.

Portable Toilets – These products offer loads of comfort and convenience. They work with buckets, garbage bags and waste trays to easily dispose of human waste. 

Check the weather – If you happen to be camping in inclement weather like heavy rainfall and snow, it is advisable to erect a tarp to keep you warm and dry while you do your business. This is a great tip and something novice overlanders tend to forget.


When Overlanding, it is extremely important to dispose of your waste responsibly. One needs to respect nature, locals and fellow outdoor enthusiasts. 

Going to the loo in the wild has always been an embarrassing and uncomfortable task, thankfully there are some fantastic products available to make outdoor living even more enjoyable.

Bucket Toilets are budget-friendly and easy to use, transport and clean. Portable Folding outdoor Toilets are cleverly designed and versatile. They can easily be folded up and can be used with a bucket or garbage bag for easy disposal. 

Portable toilets are offering more luxury and comfort than ever before. They offer features like a piston flushing system, waste level indicators and removal of waste trays for easy disposal.

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